Travel Weather Advisory

In the case of a weather event affecting Greater Miami and the Beaches, here is a comprehensive list of resources to assist you.

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) remains committed to the safety and well-being of all its visitors and will continue to closely monitor uncertain weather conditions in the coming days. The GMCVB remains in constant contact with city officials to provide both potential visitors and visitors already in the Greater Miami area with the most recent and accurate information.

Visitors are encouraged to check with individual airlines and cruise lines for schedule or itinerary changes.

It is recommended that visitors arriving this coming week contact their hotels for updates and any availability changes.

The GMCVB encourages visitors with plans to visit the Greater Miami area to check this official GMCVB website for updates.

For Miami Hotel Availability, click here

Evacuation Zones & Top 10 Steps For Visitors To Take During A Hurricane Evacuation


The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau has compiled the following resource list containing Transportation, Cruise Line, Airline, Storm Tracking, and other general information.

Ground Transportation Information

Cruise Line Information

Storm Tracking Information
National Hurricane Center
National Weather Service

Additional Miami-Dade Resources
Office of Emergency Management
Weather Hotline: 305.477.7751
Rumor & Information Hotline 305.468.5900

Hotel Information & Availability
Greater Miami Hotel Availability
Contact numbers for most major hotel chains serving Greater Miami

Airline Information - Please contact your airline for the latest on flight arrivals and departures.
Miami International Airport
List of regional airline service

Hurricane Readiness Resources
American Red Cross
Florida Division of Emergency Management
Hurricane General Information Guide 
VisitFlorida website

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