Goombay - A Homage To Goombay Festival Coconut Grove

Goombay - A Homage To Goombay Festival

May 06 2017 - Aug 15 2017

Since the 1800's Bahamians have settled in Coconut Grove and called South Florida home. In 1976, they established the first Bahamian festival that displayed their rich heritage through music, food, costumes, dance and art. Today, Kroma Gallery seeks to continue the tradition paying homage to the pioneers, icons and warm heritage of a people who have been the cornerstones and contribute to a community that we now call "Miami, the Magic City".
The "Goombay - A Homage to the Coconut Grove Goombay Festival" exhibit is a celebration of cultural expression that embraces the strong legacy of a Bahamian-rooted community. Throughout the exhibit guests will experience the rhythmic sounds, creative visual stimulations, as well as the energy of colorful, energetic and costumes. The exhibit will take visitors on a journey across the ocean, reflecting the harmony of cultures between the Bahamas and the African American community of Miami-Dade County.
6-9 p.m. Admission is free.


Kroma Gallery
3670 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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