Filming Incentives in
Greater Miami and The Beaches

Miami Filming Incentives
Miami Filming Incentives

There’s a reason the production and entertainment industry flocks to Greater Miami and the Beaches. It’s more than just our inimitable style and dazzling year-round weather. Our picture perfect locations, stellar production crews and facilities and film-friendly attitude make filming here a pleasure. We're also proud of the fact that Miami itself is a famous star!

State of Florida Film Incentives
  • Sales Tax Exemption - no state sales tax on qualified motion picture and television production equipment purchases and rental, or on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside of the state. The application process is simple and quick! For more information, or to apply visit
Miami-Dade County Film Incentives

For complete details on incentives in Miami-Dade County, visit

Miami Beach Film Incentives
  • Miami Beach VCA Incentive - up to $30,000 reimbursed on qualified expenditures. For more information, visit
  • One (1) free Vehicle Beach Access Pass with each permitted day only after an off-duty officer has been reserved.
  • During the months of June through October, vehicle beach access passes (above and beyond the one free each day) shall be reduced by 50% to $75.00 (per vehicle/per day).
  • Larger productions which demonstrate no less than 100 Miami Beach room nights and make formal request on letterhead may receive up to ten (10) free Vehicle Beach Access Passes with each permitted day.
  • Larger productions which demonstrate no less than 100 Miami Beach room nights and make formal request on letterhead may receive any additionally permitted Vehicle Beach Access Passes reduced by 50% to $75.00 (per vehicle/per day).
  • Reduced cost parking at limited City lots and garages (call for specifics).
  • Waiver of all administrative fees related to the hiring of police off-duty officers for permitted Film and Print productions.
  • Waiver of all generator, tent and building permits for production purpose use only per South Florida Building Code.

For more information, visit the The City of Miami Beach Office of Film and Print at:

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