Peacock Park Coconut Grove

Peacock Park is a popular park for kickball and softball teams and has a field for these activities with open bay views. The park is located in Coconut Grove, walking distance from the bars, shops and restaurants of the area. Right next door, you'll find the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. Mostly, this is a park for playing the aforementioned games, walking and taking in the view or using the new outdoor playground.

This public bayfront park honors Charles and Isabella Peacock, who built Miami's first hotel, the Bayview House (later called the Peacock Inn), here in 1883. The first black community on the South Florida mainland began here in the late 1870s when Blacks primarily from the Bahamas came via Key West to work at the Peacock Inn. Their first-hand experience with tropical plants, agriculture and building materials proved invaluable to the development of Coconut Grove.


2820 McFarlane Road
Coconut Grove, FL
(305) 575-5256


  • Basketball Court On-Site
  • Softball Field On-Site
  • Tennis Courts On-Site

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