All Aboard Florida: Miami to Orlando Brightline Train

Brightline Train Station in Downtown Miami
Brightline Train Station in Downtown Miami

By: Kara Franker

Ride the Brightline train between Miami and Orlando. Coming Soon: Spring 2018

Did you know that travelers take 500 million trips every year between Central and South Florida? If you’re hoping to plan a trip that includes both theme park adventures and drop-dead gorgeous beaches, then you’re in luck. Brightline, Florida’s new city-to-city passenger train will significantly change the way travelers get between Orlando and Miami. And it’s faster than flying.

As All Aboard Florida pours the foundation at three South Florida stations, the excitement about the new Brightline train system is spreading across the coast. With promises of saving 25 percent on travel time compared to existing transportation options, it’s no wonder why travelers are looking forward to the passenger train’s debut in the spring of 2018.

“Although I absolutely love Florida road trips, the convenience and time savings of the high speed rail service between Florida's two largest cities will be wonderful,” says Charles McCool, a Virginia-based travel blogger. “Passengers can show up close to departure time (unlike at the airport), station locations are more convenient, baggage and liquid restrictions are customer-friendly and comfort is better. Looking forward to it!”

Families who want to visit both the theme parks and the beach in one trip, will also benefit from the new service. “I think that would be amazing for families who want to visit Disney World, and then go relax in Miami for the rest of the vacation,” says Brianne Tursi Manz, a mother of three from New York.

Brightline will have four stations: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Dubbed “MiamiCentral,” the Miami station is located at NW 1st Avenue between NW 3rd Street and NW 8th Street. The Orlando station is near the Orlando International Airport, as part of a new intermodal transportation hub.

All stations are being constructed to connect to current public transportation options in each city. Railcars are also currently under construction and the first fully assembled train was completed in January of 2017.

"With the completion of the first coach-car shell, we are bringing our vision for a truly unique train service that will transform travel in Florida one step closer to fruition," says Michael Reininger, Brightline and All Aboard Florida president. The company also hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption by removing 3 million vehicles from the road every year.

What else can Brightline passengers expect?

  • Comfortable seats and on-board amenities like Wi-Fi.
  • Quick service (about 3 hours) between Orlando and Miami.
  • Trains travel up to 125 miles per hour.
  • 16 northbound and 16 southbound trains will operate daily.
  • The route uses nearly 200 miles of Henry Flagler’s existing Florida East Coast Railroad.
  • Competitive pricing compared to other travel options (specific prices will be published closer to service launch).
  • Relief for Florida’s congested roadways.

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