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The Betsy Wellness Garden and Spa

The Betsy - South Beach 1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach FL, 33139

Miami Spa Month Days: July 1 - August 31
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Cultured Spa rituals from The Ocean View Deck. The Betsy’s Zen-inspired Betsy Wellness Garden was designed to soothe the senses by using earth-born elements, including liberal use of wood, stone, bamboo and natural fibers. Shielded by retractable sails set horizontally in the sky, Miami’s favorite private cabanas capture a light ocean breeze and allow guests to become one with nature. Sweeping, unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean peek out just above the palm trees and the surrounding garden, instilling a nurturing sense of calm in the heart of South Beach. These are indulgent, unforgettable, and (yes!) budget-conscious treatments offered exclusively for Miami Spa Month at the region’s only fully-outdoor spa, located on The Betsy’s Ocean View Deck - three stories above Ocean Drive, in the historic Art Deco District. And like all things ‘Betsy’ there’s poetry attached to every spa experience, as every treatment is inspired by words that will take you to an extra special place of inner relaxation and contemplation.

  • The Daylight Sonata 50 MINS

    "They dwell in my heart and ears, like the Moonlight Sonata dwells in a piano." - Péter Kántor. Enjoy a powerful spa experience anchored in nature’s vibrational song. Tibetan singing bowls gently resonate atop the spine, core, hands, feet and other areas of your body that may be ‘out of tune’. The fluid vibrations induce movement in the body’s water system to create healing on a cellular level and induce relaxation. A light massage imparts a final lullaby for body, mind, and soul. A Moonlight Sonata option during the evening hours, under the stars, is also available from 8pm-10pm for additional fee. $109.00

  • The Road Not Taken 50 MINS

    "I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost. Experience an unconventional journey that connects your inner and outer worlds, the physical and the spiritual. This massage initiates from the feet up, focusing on the connective tissues and muscular paths between various parts of the body. An off-the-beaten path setting directly within the Wellness Garden elicits all senses via its gentle breezes and botanical aromas and views. Please note this unique therapy is maximized as an open experience, therefore, will not include sheet coverage. Bathing suit required. $109.00

  • The Still Life 75 MINS

    "Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity." - Lao Tzu. Life may dole out some lemons, but here, lemonade will prevail as the choice sip of life. While the sun shines you’ll relax calmly into yourself. Coconut oils infused with lemons and limes are muddled into an organic sugar scrub to wash away impurities and transform your worries into something (better than) positive. A massage of citric scents soothes while reinvigorating the senses. $139.00

  • The Impressionist 75 MINS

    "Impressionism is light." - Gae Aulenti. Like Impressionist artists who painted out of doors, you are lightly caressed by sun and air for an overall feeling of beauty, wellness, and invigoration. Your skin is "painted" with a Dead Sea Mud body masque to release toxins, replacing them with essential nourishing minerals and vitamins. Sore muscles and other neglected areas will be revived via a deep tissue massage. $139.00

  • The Betsy Movement 75 MINS

    "Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf." - Rabindranath Tagore. The Betsy Moment blends the healing qualities of dance, music, and massage. Light music imparts the initial inspiration as limbs are guided through gentle stretching to release muscle tension, increase range of motion, and inspire energy. A concluding massage gives special attention to areas that support a healthy posture. $139.00

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