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The Betsy Wellness Garden and Spa

The Betsy - South Beach
1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach FL, 33139
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Miami Spa Month Days: July 1 - August 31
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Spa Treatment Menu

Eastern philosophy inspires us to look deeper within. Indeed, this summer at The Betsy’s outdoor spa, we’re in-spired by ancient Buddhist teachings that lead us on a various intertwining ‘paths’ to deeper enlightenment.
During The Betsy’s Miami Spa Month all of our treatments commence with a cooling foot soak ritual that explore the essence of Ling Zhi mushroom, a plan that is prized for its depth and breath of “supernatural” power. Treatments drawn from Chinese medicine are enhanced via ritual applications that serve to cultivate inner wisdom, calmness and loving-kindness. Green tea and rose hip oils are also used alongside elements of traditional Chinese massage to infuse you with a sense of calm.
Be our guest for a glass of bubbly Prosecco as part of your treatment. Let our therapist know if you’d like it before or after. Valet parking is available.
The Bodhi Aloe and Cactus Hair Treatment: A green therapy made in-house removes dead skin cells on the scalp, restores moisture balance, and protects you against sun dam-age, leaving your hair silky and smooth. A perfect post pool or beach treatment before you leave for home! $45 add on to any treatment.
Facilities Day Pass: The day pass includes access to The Betsy’s Courtyard and Rooftop Pools, and our Ocean Front Deck- where food and beverage are available for purchase, as you relax on a chaise! (Day passes need to be booked through The Betsy front desk or Concierge (305-531-6100.) $40

  • Oriental Qi 60 MINS

    Air and breath are re-mastered with a healing scent. Selections from the spa’s essential oils library are blended to create customized aromatherapy moments. The blend is applied via Meridian Massage that moves around the twelve main meridians of the body to release energy blockages, promote blood and qi circulation, and restore elemental balance. The treatment includes a foot and hand scrub. $109

  • Shí & Bàngbïng 60 MINS

    Complete relaxation comes when an ‘opening foot stream’ melts outside stress: shungite stones absorb negative energy and leave you feeling refreshed. What follows is a massage emphasizing the head, neck, shoulders and back to further alleviate tension while helping to restore posture. A parting gift of a homemade popsicle provides an additional boost of delight. $109

  • Flower Power 50 MINS

    Chinese facial techniques soothe mind and body. Pressure points stimulate the lymph drainage system, removing excessive fluids and releasing waste products. An infusion of chamomile oil, known for properties that remove toxins, will improve your mood, heal blemishes and tone your skin. $109

  • The Harmony of Tadsi 75 MINS

    We invite you on a Yin Yang balancing journey that explores the power of Thai massage through the use of gentle pressure on energy lines and a yoga stretching that will make your whole body relax. Herbal compresses, awaken and align the seven Chakras. $139

  • Tao Tea Body Treatment & Massage 90 MINS

    Find the way to vitality with an invigorating scrub of green tea and rice. A massage with white tea massage oil, imparts a dousing of polyphenols to protect against the sun’s UV rays while tightening and firming skin. $139

  • The Herbalist Body Therapy 90 MINS

    Herbal therapy relieves pain and inflammation. The body is brushed in ginseng and gently wrapped in cooling towels. While skin soaks in this time-age Asian remedy known for its anti-aging and energizing results, herbal compresses are placed on your eyes and feet to absorb stress and infuse a health boost of vitamins and other soothing agents. $139

Disclaimer: Tax and gratuity are not included. Reservation Required.