Day Rooms & Cabanas


Air conditioned beach day. Yes, it’s possible. Miami hotels and beach clubs totally understand that it can get hot around here and some of our visitors are looking to indulge in comfort at every possible opportunity. So, they’ve equipped the beaches with cabanas to provide shade, air conditioning, refrigerators, beds, privacy and cater to whatever your looking to do, whether that’s eat some ceviche and sip on a mojito or kick back for a deep tissue massage with the view of a beach or pool.

Many of our hotels, beachside clubs or lounges have the option to rent a cabana or day room to enjoy the outdoors with some of the comforts of being inside. Usually, they can be rented daily or reserved for your entire stay and accommodate anywhere from one person to your whole party.

Throw a pool party, celebrate an occasion in privacy or enjoy a spa treatment with the breeze blowing in your hair, these cabanas and day rooms are the perfect way to spend a day. Use our search tool for options or call your hotel and see if they offer this service. You’ll want to book it in advance and policies and prices vary depending on where you chose so look into this before you pack your bags.

For a list of venues offering day rooms or cabanas, click here.

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