Enviral Guard

Enviral Guard

In these unprecedented times and as part of the effort to help businesses impacted by COVID-19, Enviral Guard is responding to the current global pandemic by offering a cleaning solution for businesses and facilities.

The problem that most businesses face today is providing an ideal disinfected space resulting in peace of mind for customers and employees. Common surface touchpoints such as door handles, knobs, elevator buttons, light switches, etc. may be cleaned with common disinfectants and not reach a safe level of bacteria. Enviral Guard is equipped with cutting-edge technology that measures the amount of bacteria levels before and after our disinfecting services providing our clients with the results of our efficient services.

We're committed to providing the highest quality of disinfection and decontamination available by exceeding the expectations of our clients.

It is for this same reason that we take pride in the efficacy of our disinfecting services and set ourselves apart from other disinfecting companies by providing you with an ATP bacterial swab test to allow you to see the results of the bacterial level before and after each service.


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