Archeology of Memory - The site and sound of ceramics

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Archeology of Memory - The site and sound of ceramics

Now - Mar 31, 2020
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Miami Arts & Heritage Months

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Archeology of Memory: The site and sound of ceramics, examines the history and use of materials in their raw form, examined through the lens of material culture and utilitarian tradition. The exhibition explores the transcendental nature of the medium, bringing together artists who work with ceramics, glass, and cement in both traditional and experimental allegory to challenge the notions of perception and the psychology of texture, color, and form. The works function within the cross lexicon of said elements and consider scale, both intimate or grand. Archeology of Memory features works by Xavier Cortada, Sharon Norwood, and Troy Simmons, among others, and invites viewers to walk through the synaptic workings of each artist’s mind to visually witness the manifestations of their inner thoughts and aspirations.

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