City Theatre's Summer Shorts

  • This event has passed

City Theatre's Summer Shorts

May 30 - Jun 23, 2019


This event has passed

This event has passed. Check out our current events.

Get ready for summer with a hilarious round of speed dating theater at Summer Shorts. 10-minute comedies, dramas, and musicals. City Theater's Summer Shorts feature new plays from the country's best writers. 

The 2019 SUMMER SHORTS Collection:

Big Fat Cow by Hillary Rollins (book & lyrics) and William Johnson (music) Where is she now? A moooving tail-all moosical about the celebrated Cultured Dairy Icon who rose like cream, and then...spoiled.

Franklin Pierce: Dragon Slayer, The Untold Story of America's Debatably Least Effective President by Preston Max Allen (book & lyrics) and Will Buck (music) When eighth-grader Jennifer is assigned Franklin Pierce for her class's President's Day project, she's bummed to have gotten one of history's most forgettable presidents. However, a visit from Franklin himself challenges everything Jennifer thought she knew about his presidency, dragons, and even herself.

Frozen Foods by Ian August Linda finds Carol in the middle of the frozen foods aisle of the Superfood Market having an existential crisis. Can she snap her friend out of it or will she be sucked into the never-ending cycle of despair?

Schrödinger's Gun by Greg A. Smith A white police trainee faces two black officers. A briefcase between them might or might not hold a loaded gun. The officers claim to be teaching a lesson about truth, trust, and discipline, but are all three playing a dangerous game?

Telephones and Bad Weather by Steve Yockey Brenda is at the end of her rope. Her husband won't stop building in their backyard, the neighbors won't stop complaining, the phone won't stop ringing, and it may never stop raining. It's almost too much for her. And then things get really strange.

The Forgotten Place by Jeff Locker All Eric ever wanted was a friend. He just never knew how to find one.

The Presentation by Lia Romeo Samantha has to give a presentation on sexual harassment in the workplace... to a very unusual audience.

This Is How Ghosts Speak by Jen DiamondIt's nearly show time at Theatre 33 when the power goes out. Three theatre workers caught in the darkness tell a ghost story as they stumble into literal magic.

SUMMER SHORTS is the cool thing to do on a hot summer night, but only for a short time! Avoid FOMO, get your shorts now!


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