Containment: Carrie Sieh Exhibition

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Containment: Carrie Sieh Exhibition

Now - Jan 17, 2021

Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months

This event is taking place during Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months. Click here to learn more about this Miami Temptations Program.

Containment, Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, is a site-specific installation that visualizes the historical and contemporary connections between consumerism and climate change, profit and exploitation, racism and policing, industry and environmental injustice—and serves as a platform from which to advocate for impactful structural change.

In this installation, multiple trajectories of containment are embodied, critiqued, and proposed. Symbols of mid-century suburbanism, consumerism, and isolationism are starkly arranged, set-like, as if awaiting actors: a patio chair, wood-look vinyl floor tiles, breeze blocks. A television loops a time-lapse video of house plants. Blue painter’s tape and a strip of red fabric emerge side by side where wall meets floor, as if originating from within the framework of the building. Traveling across surfaces and space, they evoke redlining and “the thin blue line,” rising water levels, “red tape” and crime scene cordons. Live plants meander throughout, as if reclaiming a decaying ruin. The backdrop to this tableau is a charcoal silhouette contrasted against silver foil—shadow suggestions of leaves, vines, fruits, and sugarcane in a visual mashup of the space race, the silver standard, blast shadows, South Florida monoculture, industrial pollution, and the persistent equilibrium-seeking of the natural world.

Exhibit dates: October 31, 2020 - January 17, 2021

Hours: Open at all times

Location: Walgreens Windows - 7340 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Fl 33141


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