Jazz at MOCA featuring Jacques Schwarz-Bart

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Jazz at MOCA featuring Jacques Schwarz-Bart

Mar 27, 2020
Starting: 8:00 PM


This event has passed

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Saxophonist, Jacques Schwarz-Bart is featured in “Jazz at MOCA” series on Friday, March 27. Schwarz-Bart grew up in Guadeloupe where he learned how to play the Gwo ka drum as a child. He was coached by Anzala, one of the top percussionists in Guadeloupe and learned the biguine style of music. At age six, while living in Switzerland, Schwarz-Bart discovered jazz music and taught himself how to play the guitar by playing along with jazz records.

Schwarz-Bart’s impressionistic writing, powerful tone, and wide-ranging language – both lyrical and angular – have fueled a growing presence in the jazz scene. Schwarz-Bart has been at the center of several musical revolutions including neo soul and New Jazz as a founding member of Roy Hargrove RH Factor. He created two new styles of jazz music including Gwo ka Jazz and Voodoo Jazz, reuniting jazz music with its Afro-Caribbean and spiritual origins.