Prizm Art Fair

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Prizm Art Fair

Dec 2 - 8, 2019
12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Miami Arts & Heritage Months

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Prizm, exhibiting international artists from Africa and the global African Diaspora, will present its seventh edition of global presentations by select national and international galleries and it's curated special section organized by Ryan Dennis, Mikhaile Solomon, William Cordova, Oshun Layne and Naiomy Guerrero.

Our 2019 Edition will be organized around our central focus, "Love in the Time of Hysteria", illustrating how love, compassion, and respect endure in a social milieu riddled with divisive political rhetoric, unprovoked inflammatory attacks on members of marginalized communities, and broad societal malaise as a result of economic inequity.

Love in the Time of Hysteria questions how these factors can alter and transform our natural disposition to love fully and replace love with a mindset motivated by fear, intolerance, and scarcity. In essence, love and ultimately sanity takes a backseat to the basic need to survive.

Prizm will explore through, various media including drawings, painting, video, photography, sculptures, installation, and new media, how we perceive love, how we express love under these circumstances, how we improvise when we do not get the love we need and how we love ourselves with sweet defiance.

Prizm’s extant sections, Prizm Preview, Prizm Panels, Prizm Film, and Prizm Perform, will boast an international culinary experience, thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders presented in partnership with the Green Family Foundation, and performance works that defy and expand our conventional understanding of visual arts practice.

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