"What is it you don't understand"

  • Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months

"What is it you don't understand"

Dec 3 - 6, 2020
11 am-2pm (free) 5pm-9pm ($10)


Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months

This event is taking place during Miami Arts, Culture & Heritage Months. Click here to learn more about this Miami Temptations Program.

 “What is it you don’t understand” is a video performance by the Haitian woman artist Annick Duvivier. It explores how gun violence affects the victim and the victim’s family. It was inspired by the current events and the lost lives of so many African Americans by police brutality and gun violence that happened in 2020. The video performance will be showcased alongside a selection of paintings from the series “Dialogue” from the visual artist Annick Duvivier.

"What is it you don’t understand" is a part of MUCE, Miami Urban Contemporary Experience main Art exhibit "Dispersed" curated by Bart Mervil. The event is also in conjunction with Miami Arts Culture and Heritage month and Art of Black Miami. The exhibition will also be held as part of the Miami Art Season and MUCE’s Art & Culture Festival.

Art of Black Miami 2020 Event


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