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Market Research RFP

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Below is a list of questions submitted by RFP respondents as well as the answers posted by GMCVB.

Q: In terms of the 2018 GMCVB Visitor Profile RFP, would you entertain a custom domestic-only profile using our online panel?

A: Yes, we would consider that option provided it would (at a minimum) provide us with the information we have been collecting in the survey.


Q: On 4.1.2 Definition of a Visitor…. “…and not be residents.” And then… “Additional data will be collected to generate a profile on day trippers to Greater Miami.”  Can you clarify? Should respondents not be residents of the State of Florida, Miami, South Florida, what defined geographic area? If I’m a resident of Jacksonville and visiting Miami for an overnight vacation, do I qualify for the study? Seems like I should.

A: A copy of the survey can be provided upon request. The qualifications for those that can take the survey have traditionally been those who are staying at least one night in Miami-Dade, but we are now interested in collecting most of the same information on visitors who are not residents of Miami-Dade and not employed or staying overnight in Miami-Dade.


Q: On a similar front, we’re assuming snowbirds/seasonal residents are not included, given the complexity of measuring spend over an extended period of time. Can you confirm? Maybe determine the incidence of snowbirds?

A: They are included if they meet the requirements in the screener portion of the survey. In other words, they are treated like anyone else.


Q: And just to be certain, the “day tripper” profile is not part of this study, correct?

A: See previous response, we would like to start doing this going forward.


Q: Will GMCVB be able to share the Smith Travel data they subscribe to for the purpose of this project, or should we include the cost of purchasing Smith Travel in our proposal? 

A: We will share this info, no need to purchase.


Q: Will we have access to MIA, FTL, and the area attractions that have been used for interviewing in the past through GMCVB? 

A: Yes, you will have access to all.


Looks like there are 4 parts:

1. Visitor Profile and Economic Impact - Prepared by Ipsos Loyalty

2. Hotel Industry Recap - Prepared by Smith Travel Research

3. Tourist-Related Taxes - Collected by Miami-Dade County, Miami Beach, and Bal Harbour

4. Leisure and Hospitality Employment - Prepared by Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Q: Are we bidding only on the IPSOS part, if not will GMCVB provide the data for the other pieces.  I'm not sure about this though, In 4.4.2 Contract Administration: Contractor is responsible for the purchase of or licensing the rights to data for market research.  Does this mean we need to purchase STR? 

A: Part 1 is collected through the survey. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are secondary data that we collect and will provide.


Q: Is there a breakout of the 4500 completes broken out by airport and attractions (and which attractions)?

A: Yes, there is. This is subject to change, but for the most part has remained consistent over time. Presently we collect 1,700 completes a year from the Miami International Airport, 1,800 completes from Miami-Dade attractions and 1,000 completes from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. The Miami-Dade attractions (subject to change) include the Dolphin Mall, Zoo Miami, Miami Seaquarium, Coco Walk, Ocean Drive/Lincoln Road, Downtown/Bayside, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Art Deco Welcome Center, LGBT Visitor Center, Cape Florida State Park, Sunny Isles Beach Visitor Center and Tropical Everglades Visitor’s Association. We will provide the sampling plan that we use.


Q: Will GMCVB assist in the badging process and provide parking for the airport intercepts?

A: We will provide badging but will not provide parking for the airport intercepts.


Q: For attractions, do the intercepts take place inside the attraction or outside? If inside, will GMCVB cover this cost as well as parking cost?

A: Interviewing could take place inside or outside, depending on the location and any stipulations that we may have. There should be no cost to have access to these locations but we do not cover parking.


Q: Any specifics on how to bid 4.3.1 Special Research Projects? -- There is no detail here.

A: We may have a need for one or two (small) ad hoc projects; there could be an issue or two that may come up during the year that needs further analysis, depending on the situation. For example, last year the Zika virus was discovered in Miami and this created some issues around tourism for which we would have liked to have been able to dig deeper.


Q: Reports are required to be delivered electronically and written. How many copies are needed?

A: We believe you mean copies of the bid. Seven (7) copies should be sufficient.


Q: In 4.4.3 Report Management:  Reports will not be released and will remain confidential until approved by GMCVB. Data will be available in an online portal which can be displayed in charts or graphs for use in GMCVB presentations, and from where data can be extracted for further analysis and comparison.  Is there a preferred online tool to use and do we need to incorporate prior years' data in to this?  If so, what format is the historical data available in?

A: We do not presently have an online tool, but we are looking for one that can provide this level of detail. Depending on this, we do not know how “robust” this platform would be. We should be able to provide historical data in SPSS and/or Excel format. For the reports (3, 6, 9, and 12 month), the current year’s data can be added next to the historical data in the present report template manually.