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Valid: January 19, 2020
Ocean Drive Flowers are recognized for our sophistication in meeting our client’s needs. We are unmatched in end to end customer service.
Additionally, we have choice options available as well to meet anyone’s budget, timeframe and venue. We work extremely hard at making sure your day goes right, and that your qualifications are met.



Have a short term need and tight timeframe requirement? Or do you have a budget you must focus into but would still like the exotic, the chic, the cosmopolitan or the contemporary style? We have experience working within all of these parameters everyday.



We offer a wide variety of flowers from around the world. We build a personal relationship with our customers, between your ideas and what you expect from us and wanting ODF to pick up the task list from you and help you make a perfect event. Our designers are there for you from start to finish and will be able to do all the 'footwork' necessary in making sure your arrangements are installed and done in only a manner that befits our outstanding reputation.



Prior to undergoing a consultation, it is requested and helpful to bring to the pictures from magazines and books of the particular flowers, designs and general look & feel that best represents what you would like your wedding/event to aspire to be. All consultations are free of charge. A personalized and customized proposal is sent to you within 5 business days or less after your consultation or initial quote has been completed.


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