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Celebrate and support Black Business Month all year long.

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau recognizes the importance and impact Miami’s black-owned businesses have in our community. August is Black Business Month and we are proud to host a variety of events, seminars, and more to support and celebrate Black Businesses. This includes showcasing black-owned restaurants participating in our Miami Spice program, partnering with Miami-Dade County’s Support BOB 305 initiative, and hosting workshops with our Tourism Business Enhancement Program to help small businesses thrive.

In celebration of Black Business Month in August, we’ve rounded up Greater Miami & Miami Beach’s Black-owned businesses across various industries including arts & culture, attractions, restaurants, shops, beauty, event planning, lodging, business services and more.

Historian John William Templeton and engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr. created Black Business Month in August 2004 to honor and promote the initiatives of Black-owned businesses throughout the Unites States.

Supporting Miami’s Black-owned businesses doesn’t need to be limited to Black Business Month. Consider showing your support year-round by buying from Black-owned businesses, posting about your favorite Miami Black-owned companies on social media, and sharing your experiences and recommendations with your friends and loved ones.

Local Black-owned businesses play a vital role in making Miami the destination we know and love – and supporting these companies and organizations can help bridge the economic gaps that are embedded within our society.

Best Black-Owned Restaurants in Miami

We’ve gathered some of the best Black-owned eateries celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Check out Black-owned restaurants to experience the flavors of the African diaspora right here in Miami while supporting local businesses.

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Black-Owned Shops In Miami

Miami’s Black-owned stores provide more than just products. In fact, these Black-owned shops showcase Miami’s distinct heritage, highlighting stories of entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy.

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Black-Owned Businesses in Miami

Photo by Annie Spratt

From arts & culture to attractions, business services and more, find what you need and support local Black entrepreneurs and organizations in Miami.

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Featured Events

Miami-Dade County's Support BOB 305 Launch Event

Find out how you can support the Black-owned business community on Thursday, August 4 at The Urban. Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust (MDEAT) is hosting a reception to announce the launch of Miami-Dade County’s “Support BOB 305” campaign.

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Black Pepper Food Festival

Presented by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Black Hospitality Initiative, this not-to-be-missed food festival celebrates and supports Black-owned restaurants and food trucks.

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