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City Manager, City of Miami Beach - First woman to hold the City Manager position for the city of Miami Beach. She has a love for public service, community and Hurricane football.

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Safety Tip:

“Enjoy your time in Miami Beach, but know that we expect you to respect our City –drinking and driving is prohibited, drinking in public is illegal, and violence of any kind will not be tolerated. We have one of the most beautiful cities in the world and want you to safely enjoy every bit of it.”

Favorite Things to do in Miami Beach:

Lincoln Road
Don't miss pedestrian-only Lincoln Road - a local favorite

Stroll from South Pointe to Lincoln Road

Start at South Pointe Pier and walk our Beachwalk all the way up to Lincoln Road.

Espanola Way
Be sure to try Miami Beach's restaurants

Famed Miami Beach Restaurants

Enjoy dinner at some of our world-famous restaurants.

MBCC Mural
Discover all the public art throughout Miami Beach

Miami Beach's Public Art

Check out our $10M collection of public art installed throughout the City, starting at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

NWS Yoga
Participate in a community class outdoors

Enjoy Miami Beach's Parks

Enjoy a picnic at one of our many Miami Beach parks or take a class at our various community centers – health and fitness is a big part of who we are.

Treat our home as if it were your home.

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Take Care of our City
and it Will Take Care of You

Welcome to Miami Beach, a place filled with exciting and surprising things to do and see. Just like these amazing people that know and love our city, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite thing to do, because you’ll probably have more than one. Check out some of their favorite things to do and see here in Miami Beach. Enjoy!

Local Laws & Regulations

Don’t forget:

  • Consumption of alcohol in public or on the beach is illegal
  • Possession or consumption of narcotics is illegal
  • Driving a scooter or vehicle irresponsibly, or on the sidewalk is illegal
  • Unruly behavior of any kind will not be tolerated

Prohibited on the beach:

  • Inflatable devices
  • Large tents, tables, and similar structures
  • Loud music
  • Large coolers
  • Glass containers
  • Styrofoam and plastic straws

Miami Beach City Code Sec 82-443