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Executive Director, Miami Design Preservation League - devoted to preserving, protecting, and promoting the architectural, cultural, social, economic and environmental integrity of Miami Beach. Runs Art Deco Welcome Center, Art Deco Museum, Art Deco Weekend and prominent walking tour program on Ocean Drive.

Follow Daniel Ciraldo on Instagram @dgc223.

Safety Tip:

“Look out for the Miami Beach Goodwill Ambassadors who can help guide you during your stay.”

Favorite Things To Do in Miami Beach:

Blue Art Deco
Explore Miami Beach's unique Art Deco architecture

Experience Art Deco in Miami Beach

Take an Art Deco Walking Tour at the Miami Design Preservation League.

Visit the Art Deco Museum at 10 Street and Ocean Drive to learn about Miami Beach’s architectural history.

Ocean Drive Night
Don't miss Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Visit Ocean Drive in the early evening as the neon lights glow beneath the pastel-colored sky.

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Take Care of our City
and it Will Take Care of You

Welcome to Miami Beach, a place filled with exciting and surprising things to do and see. Just like these amazing people that know and love our city, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite thing to do, because you’ll probably have more than one. Check out some of their favorite things to do and see here in Miami Beach. Enjoy!

Local Laws & Regulations

Don’t forget:

  • Consumption of alcohol in public or on the beach is illegal
  • Possession or consumption of narcotics is illegal
  • Driving a scooter or vehicle irresponsibly, or on the sidewalk is illegal
  • Unruly behavior of any kind will not be tolerated

Prohibited on the beach:

  • Inflatable devices
  • Large tents, tables, and similar structures
  • Loud music
  • Large coolers
  • Glass containers
  • Styrofoam and plastic straws

Miami Beach City Code Sec 82-443