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Safety Tip:

“This is my backyard. Please don’t ruin it by openly doing drugs – and in Miami Beach, that includes marijuana.”

Favorite Things To Do In Miami Beach:

Tennis Ball
Hit the tennis courts

Play Tennis

Sign up for a tennis clinic at our public clay courts – both day and night options available.

Ice Skating

Cool off at the ice-skating rink at the Scott Rakow Youth Center.

South Beach Jetty
Enjoy a beach day


Soak in the beach – that’s the best part of our city and consider giving back by signing up for a beach cleanup at

Time Out Market
Check out Time Out Market


Best places to eat pizza or gelato are on Lincoln Road, and you can also visit Time Out Market if you’re with a group looking for many options.

South Pointe
Have a picnic at South Pointe Park


Pick up Joe’s Take Away or ice cream at 4D Gelateria and have a picnic in South Pointe Park – it’s a great spot for photos.

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Take Care of our City
and it Will Take Care of You

Welcome to Miami Beach, a place filled with exciting and surprising things to do and see. Just like these amazing people that know and love our city, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite thing to do, because you’ll probably have more than one. Check out some of their favorite things to do and see here in Miami Beach. Enjoy!

Local Laws & Regulations

Don’t forget:

  • Consumption of alcohol in public or on the beach is illegal
  • Possession or consumption of narcotics is illegal
  • Driving a scooter or vehicle irresponsibly, or on the sidewalk is illegal
  • Unruly behavior of any kind will not be tolerated

Prohibited on the beach:

  • Inflatable devices
  • Large tents, tables, and similar structures
  • Loud music
  • Large coolers
  • Glass containers
  • Styrofoam and plastic straws

Miami Beach City Code Sec 82-443