VEZA SUR Brewing Co.

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VEZA SUR Brewing Co.

By: Miami New Times Writer

Miami’s Wynwood Walls is an incredible bucket-list destination with enormous murals that run for miles and hip graffiti that locals are only too proud to show off. It’s no surprise that this bold backdrop is also home to one of the best breweries in Miami: Veza Sur.

Veza Sur’s mysterious Brazilian and Latin American roots create an expectation from the moment you hear its name to the last drop of ice-cold craft beer rolling down your tongue. What makes this place a try-before-you-die Miami masterpiece?

Check Out Veza Sur’s Brews or Forever Regret Lost Possibilities

Veza Sur’s rallying cry goes something like this: Have fun every chance you get! Its energetic Latin flair, exceptional craft beers, and unique Miami-inspired creations make it perfect for an endless celebration with friends and future love interests.

Here are some things that will catch you by surprise:

  • Craft beers on tap: 18 different varieties beg you to sip happily, ranging from ales and lagers to tremendous sours and one-of-a-kind beer cocktails.
  • Tropical inspiration: Every inch of this place is a literal urban jungle, with rich driftwood, colorful barstools, rainforest mementos, and plenty of raw greenery.
  • Terrace: Chic meets art when you head outside. You’re surrounded by graffiti and shade trees, or at night, by the cool ocean air and stars.
  • Slightly crazy atmosphere: Don’t expect leather armchairs and red wine, baby. This is la vida loca and it’s time to party with the best craft beer in Miami.
  • Cilantro, chiles, and lechón, oh my!: It’s impossible to ignore the brewery’s beloved bites filled with cilantro, lime, uber-fresh guacamole, plenty of heat and mouthwatering meats. The bold opt for sweet suckling pork in a heartbeat.

Veza Sur, I Presume?

Veza Sur was an idea formed by Berny Silberwasser of Bogota Beer Company, Chris and Jeremy Cox of 10 Barrel Brewing Co., and master brewer Asbjorn Gerlach, all with the backing and experience of Anheuser-Busch. A few trips to Brazil later and Veza Sur was born. That’s why this place still has the feel of a Brazilian hostel with backpackers and jungle adventurers.

Must-Try Brews

Be prepared to have a really hard time choosing what you want to drink from the huge list of equally tantalizing and exotic creations. Here are some favorites to get you started:

  • Per’La Coffee Porter: Combining medium and dark roasted South American coffee cold-infused with a hearty porter gives any day a delightful kick to the head.
  • Arroz Con Mango: Saying it’s a party in your mouth is normally too cliché, but there’s really no other way to describe a strong ale made with habaneros, ginger, rice, and sweet, sweet mangos. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next day in Brazil with a monkey on your head and a smile on your face.
  • Guava Sour: On really hot days, make sure to order this cool, unfiltered, sour brew with just the right amount fresh-guava sweetness.
  • Seasonal Michelada: Smooth beer, fresh lime juice, hot peppers, spices, and bitter greens are just as great for getting the evening started as they are at finishing it.

Inside Tips

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your time in the jungle.

  • Check out the library: Kick back with your favorite brews and read a new book. Close your eyes and imagine monkeys hollering in the background, or maybe a few parrots. Hey, it’s your daydream… you decide what it should sound like.
  • Crowdfund it: If you’re going to drink with friends, bring a lot of friends. This place is perfect for animated conversations and just hanging out. No dress code. No rules. All party.
  • Try the chopp before you die: This unique dark Brazilian lager is served ice cold with 2-inch thick foam.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami’s must-see Wynwood Walls, place Veza Sur at the top of your itinerary. You won’t regret or forget the best craft beers in town.

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