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Greater Miami is at the forefront for resuming safe and healthy filming with our NEW #PracticeSafeSets Program. Over 80 Hotels are offering a variety of flexible, safety-first production options: from sequester/quarantine scenarios for your actors and crew, to using Miami hotels as filming locations, to utilizing ballrooms to build your sets – we can safely accommodate your production needs.

In addition, Miami-Dade County’s “New Normal” Guidelines with our local PPE Suppliers and Covid-19 Specialized Sanitation Services provide all the resources you’ll need to keep your crew healthy and protected.

Greater Miami has been a go-to film destination for over a century. Our sun-kissed beaches, wide range of filming locations, and diverse population have made Miami synonymous with highly successful shoots. We take great pride in being at the forefront of what everyone is looking for in a location and more.

You can feel safe in choosing Greater Miami for your next production.



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