Miami South BMX Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Adrenaline Rush

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By Joel Delgado

If you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline, look no further than BMX racing

Short for bicycle motocross, BMX racing is a cycling sport that uses bikes that allow riders to speed and pop along a rugged terrain track filled with short hills, turns and jumps.

It’s an adrenaline rush from start to finish, and in Miami there is no better place to experience that biking rush than Miami South BMX.

As you stand atop the starting hill of the BMX track, with only a gate separating you from a steep drop, your heart starts to race and your palms start to sweat as you grip the handles of the single-gear bike beneath you.

With a thrilling mix of excitement and fear running through your mind, the starting gate drops with a swift “whoosh” and you’re instantly speeding down the hill, wind rushing across your face, followed quickly by the exhilarating jolt of landing on the hard dirt after hurdling the first hills of the track.

And then you’re off, pedaling as fast as you can through the numerous short hills, obstacles and turns found throughout the recently rebuilt 12,000-foot BMX track.

Since 1990, Miami South BMX has been a haven for motocross experts and novices alike. As the lone USA BMX track in Miami-Dade County, riders from all over the world have visited to participate in races held on the property, which is located just south of Zoo Miami.

BMX racing has a way of bringing together riders from diverse backgrounds, skill levels and age groups for a unique cycling experience.

“BMX is a sport for everyone,” says Miami South BMX President Miguel Tapanes. “We have riders here as young as 2 years old on strider bikes and as ‘young’ as 75 years old coming out to the track. If you want to do something fun with your kids, your family or your friends, there is a place for you here.”

Miami South BMX hosts biking clinics with coaches and world-renowned BMX racers from time to time at their first-class facility. Five-time BMX world-champion Greg Hill recently flew down to Miami and held a two-day advanced training with young intermediate and expert riders.

The training included helping riders with the basics like gate starts, turns, passing and manuals, to stretching, exercises, sprint training and nutrition. Hill was immediately impressed with what Miami South BMX has to offer.

“The track is beautiful and this is a cool community of people that is very welcoming,” Hill says. “BMX is still the best kept secret in sports. People don’t realize how great it is.”

If you’re just looking to kick the tires on BMX racing, the track is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights — and first-time riders aren’t charged (returning visitors pay $5 for one- or two-hour practice sessions). All you need to get started is your bike, long pants, a long sleeve shirt and any approved bicycle helmet.

Miami South BMX also offers a “First 10 Weeks” program designed to give new riders confidence, skill and speed on the track.

Or, if you’re up to the challenge, you can sign up for races on the track with other BMX riders, which usually take place on Thursday and Saturday race nights. The races are organized by class (novice, intermediate, expert and pro) and by age groups.

So whether you’ve been biking your whole life or haven’t ridden a bike in years, there’s a place for you at Miami South BMX.

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