Your Guide To Pokemon Go In Miami

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By: Melina Martinez-Echeverria

Where to play Pokémon Go in Miami

Are you still fascinated by Pokémon Go? This video game jumped on the scene in 2016 and quickly gained steam. If you’ve walked into traffic or run around town with your phone glued in your hand, then you know what I am talking about!  Augmented reality is a big factor with this popular video game and it totally motivates you to get up and walk around – but now the interactive social game doesn’t require that you leave the safety of your own home. With a few recent changes to the app, Pokémon Go now encourages Safer At Home play. The app made a few temporary changes which will keep you having fun and staying safe!

The highly addictive online game became an overnight sensation in the summer of 2016 as fans worldwide downloaded the new app to catch characters like Pikachu and Squirtle. And of course, the residents in Miami are no different.

Organized "Pokewalks" are not really a thing right now, but you can check out these Miami neighborhoods to step up your game from wherever you are. Here are a few spots we hear are crawling with digital critters.

Downtown Miami/Brickell

For highly entertaining performing arts and shows in Miami, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts is the place to go. From Whoopi Goldberg to Andrea Bocelli, some of the industry’s finest have taken their center stage. Not only is the Arsht Center’s popular on-site local bookstore, Books & Books, known to be a hotspot for Pokémon, but The Café at Books & Books promises to offer seasonal fresh dishes with the freshest of ingredients. From ongoing cooking series to a Sunday farmer’s market on the Plaza and free weekly behind-the-scenes tours of the performing arts center, it’s no wonder Pokémon keeps making an appearance there.

In the center of Downtown Miami, you’ll find Bayfront Park. There, you will find not only some of the best views of the Bay, but Tina Hills Pavilion and Maurice A. Ferré Park where culture comes alive. And for Pokémon Go players, the park is a must-go as several rare Pokémon sightings have taken place. Popular fan sites state that Dratini, Bulbasaur, Onix, Golduck, Charmander, Magikarp, Tentacool, Psyduck, Dodrio, Staryu, Pinsir and Scyther have all been caught. Seems like “catching em all” might be possible in this area.

There is a reason the Pérez Art Museum Miami is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. What’s not to love about beautiful city views, a state-of-the-art facility, world-renowned contemporary art, culinary connoisseurs and so much more. For fans of Pokémon Go, take note: PokéStops and gyms tend to be near public art and landmarks. So expert fans citywide suggest you start at PAMM, then head down south on Biscayne Boulevard to the American Airlines Arena or the Freedom Tower, all within minutes of each other. Ready, set, GO!

Miami Beach

Shopping, restaurants, the beach, oh my! Lincoln Road has some of the city’s best sites and now it’s been taken over by Pokémons like Horsea, Kadabra and Cubone. Magikarp, Pikachu and Dratinis have all been caught there. Expert tip: the denser an urban area is, the more chances to find Pokémon and Poke Stops. South Beach is prime real estate to “catch ‘em all."

The magic of Soundscape Park in South Beach seems to be endless. Perhaps you have watched your favorite film or taken in New World Symphony’s latest performance live from the 7,000-square-foot projection wall that broadcasts live feeds of the indoor performances for the public to enjoy at no cost. Now, there won't be much sitting for Pokémon Go fans, as it is full of Pokémon ready for the catching. Both Alakazam and Mankey have been spotted there.


Years ago, Wynwood was full of warehouses. These days, it’s the epicenter of everything arts, culture and occasional celeb spotting. Make sure you check out Wynwood Walls. The buzz around town is that this neighborhood has an abundance of PokéStops. The area offers a ton of street art for those with eggs to incubate, but also watering holes like Wood Tavern and El Patio Wynwood have become weekly meet-up spots for players.

Little Havana

Head to Marlins Park for a little bit more than a baseball game. Become your very own catcher and be on the lookout for Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, who have been spotted running around the bases.

Coral Gables

It seems like Miracle Mile, Coral Gables’ famous shopping mecca, might get a lot more foot traffic soon. Fans can head there to be on the lookout for Starmie, Staryu, and Diglett—all of whom have Pokémon Go players running up and down this stylish strip. And when you just can't catch any more, take a rest at one of the many first-class restaurants and bars to wine and dine.

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