Common Interest network (CIN™ LLC) is an internet based social network for people with common interest. CIN™ LLC is NOT A DATING WEBSITE OR A SITE FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A HOOK UP. The company was created with a goal to enable people to find pals with whom they share a common interest.

These common interests including, but are not limited to arts & entertainment, sports, movies, musical, and even family pet activities. CIN™ LLC provides the opportunity to find pals with whom to embark on adventures which they may not want to do alone. CIN™ LLC is unique in that it provides a safe environment for its members, since each member must agree to undergo a national background check that is based on a Government Issued Identification. CIN™ LLC is open to individuals over the age of 18 years old. CIN™ LLC does not restrict membership based on any other demographic characteristics, however, CIN™ LLC reserves the right to cancel the membership of CINpals™ who demonstrate hateful and or unsafe behavior deemed incompatible with membership and our mission.


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