Stay Healthy on Vacation With These Drop-in Fitness Classes

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By: Miami New Times Writer

There’s no reason your fitness routine has to take time off while you’re vacationing in Miami, especially because this destination is host to an impressive variety of drop-in fitness classes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a daily gym devotee or consider yourself a casual weekend warrior; Miami offers plenty of options for staying in shape. When you consider that Miami residents spend far more time than average in bikinis and swimming trunks, it makes perfect sense that there are workout classes around virtually every corner.

Here are our favorite workout classes in Miami that you can drop into anytime.



The spin studio that started it all, SoulCycle, is an iconic workout known for its positive vibes and high-intensity approach to fitness. Once you step into a class at their South Beach spin studio, you’ll immediately feel as if you’ve been transported to another world – one where fast-paced music and inspiring instructors help you reach new levels of fitness performance.

Flywheel Sports: Stadium Cycling

Another well-known name in the world of spin, Flywheel Sports, has a studio in Miami Beach open to anyone interested in a solid workout. Lockers, shoes and towels are included in every class, so all you’ll need is a set of comfortable workout clothes and a readiness to challenge your spin skills.

RedBike Studios

RedBike Studios has two locations in Miami, so you can pick between Brickell and Midtown for your spin experience. Founded by a Miami local, this spin studio combines the fun of a high-energy workout with a laidback attitude. Cycling shoes are included for all participants, including both the 45-minute standard sessions and 60-minute Champion sessions.


SOL Yoga

Nestled in the hip Wynwood neighborhood, SOL Yoga is an innovative hot yoga studio that welcomes beginners and yoga pros alike. Their infrared-heated space ensures that you’ll enjoy maximum health benefits, including increased mobility and a healthy, detoxifying sweat. At the same time, the stylish studio promises that you can look good while doing it.

Ahana Yoga

No matter when you’re looking for drop-in yoga classes in Miami, you can nearly guarantee that a mat will be ready for you at Ahana Yoga. On weekdays, the studio is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., with weekend hours running from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Classes run continuously, with multiple sessions often taking place in separate spaces in the studio.

Casa Vinyasa

For the ultimate in variety, stop by for a Miami yoga class at Casa Vinyasa. Sessions range from Restorative or Yin to Yoga for Athletes and Power Vinyasa (an infrared-heated hot yoga). The founders of Casa Vinyasa wanted to create a space for all yogis to feel at home, whether it’s their very first yoga class or if they’ve been practicing for years.



At [solidcore] Miami, your Pilates skills will be pushed to the next level by their customized machine, nicknamed “sweatlana.” For nearly an hour, your instructor will guide you through an intense sequence of moves, engaging every muscle in your body for a seriously intense workout. If you’re planning to be in Miami for more than a few days, you can snag one of the studio’s always-changing new client specials to save some cash and maximize your Pilates enjoyment.


This Wynwood Pilates studio blends classic Pilates moves with an innovative combination of weight training and cardio, making for a one-of-a-kind workout packed into every 50-minute class. There are several classes every day to choose from, including ones that target specific areas (like your derriere) for that strong, ultra-toned Pilates body.

Pilates One

With classes that are described as “tailored to meet every client’s needs,” Pilates One provides a wide range of Pilates workouts to suit your workout style. Depending on your goals, you can select a Pilates session that tones, stretches, and even challenges your endurance and cardio abilities.


FitBox Method

A dark ambient studio, a heart-pounding soundtrack, and expert instructors make FitBox Method home to some of the most popular boxing classes in Miami. Scientifically backed workouts mean you’ll be on your way to a bikini body in no time.

Cykle Jab

Can’t decide between spin and boxing? At Cykle Jab, you can do both! Each 45-minute class is broken down into 15 minutes each of spin, boxing, and strength training, making it a challenging full-body workout that’s as fun as it is tough.

Tapout Fitness

Boost your technique and knock out your fitness goals at Tapout Fitness, where classes offer the best of both worlds: a motivating group environment with the individualized attention of a one-on-one personal boxing session.

Strength Training


Sweat440 is a boutique workout studio with a unique class schedule that makes it perfect for a last-minute drop-in. Every 10 minutes, a new 40-minute class kicks off, so you can easily fit one in on even the busiest day. Offering HIIT and cross-training sessions, Sweat440 is something even beginners can enjoy.


If you’ve done even a few strength training classes, you’re likely familiar with the famous Barry’s name. With studios all over the world, Barry’s is a leader in the fitness industry, and its Midtown Miami studio is a local favorite. Within an hour, you can burn up to 1,000 calories with a balance of cardio and strength training that’s anything but easy.

Rise Nation

Rise Nation is an innovative workout studio that blends cutting-edge equipment with an incredible atmosphere for a 30-minute experience that will leave you invigorated (and sweaty!). Yoga, floor training, and cardio all come together with a thrilling soundtrack to make up the short but intense classes.

Everybody can get a “beach body,” especially with the huge variety of workout classes in Miami.

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