Instagrammable Miami: Historic and Cultural Areas


Amelia Earhart Park


Mural in the Leah Arts District

lil haiti mural

Wall art in Little Haiti

little haiti cc

Little Haiti Cultural Center


Rober Is Here


Rooster in Little Havana

jackson soul

Jackson Soul Food

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By: Patricia Azze

Miami is a new and constantly changing city. A new mall here, a new museum there, a buzzy new restaurant on this corner and a hip new cafe on that one. It’s a place you can visit over and over again and always find something new to do and photograph. But sometimes it’s the off-the-beaten path places that tell the true story of the city. Luckily, these places are just as exciting for social media content since the new and often interesting cultural pockets and more local areas go undiscovered and less shared.


If you’re looking to see a truly authentic Miami-local experience venture into Hialeah, a neighborhood with the highest percentage of Cubans in the United States and an endless amount of interesting places to photograph and explore.

Leah Arts District

The Leah Arts District is a new artist live/work district offering family-friendly programming and events in the heart of Hialeah. Taste something from a new local vendor, dance to live music, connect with an artist and be a part of this emerging arts neighborhood just on the brink of being discovered.

Amelia Earhart Park

This 515-acre park in Hialeah offers an endless amount of nature and landscape photo opportunities including bike paths, lakes, and everyone’s favorite Instagram subject - dogs! - at the Bark Park at Amelia Earhart Park. Who can resist liking a puppy picture?

Polo Norte

You don’t really know an area unless you’ve tasted the regions authentic cuisine. Experience authentic Cuban food at Polo Norte a home-style restaurant serving up Cuban favorites just like abuela makes them. Venture into something a little less traditional and order a Cuban pizza, a combination that may have your followers sending you direct messages with questions and puzzled emojis.

South Dade

Just beyond the hustle and bustle of Miami’s more metropolitan core is South Dade, a quiet area filled primarily with suburbia and then, a bit further south, farmland. Break up those cityscape and nightlife photos with a more serene and rustic take on Miami. Visit a farm, an enormous park, and cut into a wild-looking tropical fruit and document it on Instagram when you’re in South Dade.

Knaus Berry Farm

A word of advice to those of you who want to visit Knaus Berry Farms - get there early. On weekends, the line at this much-beloved establishment is a long one. People line up for their famous sticky, sweet cinnamon rolls. These enormous treats make for a great photo. Show off the big smile you’ll have on your face if you make it to the front of the line before they run out!

Tropical Park

On any given day at Tropical Park you may find an equestrian competition, a boxing match, high school football game or a tennis tournament, but you will also always find beautiful, nature-filled walking paths and a plethora of native plants to photograph. This is a great place to visit to snap some photos and be surprised by what event is bringing people out that day.

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm

Robert is Here is a must-stop for those driving down to the Florida Keys, but it’s also a place worthy of driving to visit on its own for an Instagrammable experience. This family-owned and operated fruit stand and farm has a whole handful of photo ops waiting for you: there’s the famous tropical milkshakes (like key lime!), the rare fruits (like star apple, dragon fruit, star fruit and many more more), the petting zoo and the beautiful structure itself. We recommend using the slideshow feature to show off a bit of everything you taste here!

More Heritage & Culture

Miami is a city rich in history, heritage and culture but we know your time here is likely limited so we rounded up a few more recommendations to add to your itinerary. These picks are not all located in the same neighborhood, but you can easily drive between and see them all in a few hours.

Little Haiti Cultural Center

The Little Haiti Cultural Center is a vibrant part of the Little Haiti community where there is always something going on. What could make for better content than getting to know a new culture first hand? Every Saturday the Caribbean Marketplace comes to life and every Sunday it’s the meeting spot for the Little Haiti Bus Tours. Check their online calendar for more music, art, food and culture events and don your most colorful attire to fit in with the bright architecture.

Little Havana – Rooster sculptures on Calle Ocho

Drive into Little Havana and you’re greeted by the rooster sculptures, each unique and distinct, that line 8th Street, locally known as Calle Ocho, and the surrounding streets. Local artists gave their individual flair to each of these big, happy-looking birds. Take a walk down Calle Ocho and see how many you can photograph before you get distracted by one of the Cuban coffee ventanitas or little windows.

Historic Overtown – Jackson Soul Food

Fried conch, mac and cheese, salmon croquettes, grilled catfish, French toast - if this sounds like a soul food paradise, that’s because it is. Jackson Soul Food in Overtown has been a favorite of the neighborhood since 1946 and is must-visit destination for any foodie who is looking for something special, distinct and delicious to post while they’re in Miami.

More About Miami's History and Heritage


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