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Welcome to Greater Miami where we encourage everyone to vacation responsibly and where face masks are this season’s “it” accessory. We hope you packed plenty of (face) protection because we have a ton of exciting cultural events, world-famous beaches, stunningly beautiful outdoor experiences, and heritage-rich neighborhoods for you to explore safely.

We’re sending a big shoutout to vaccinated travelers and invite them and everyone else to continue wearing face masks. Wearing masks is the best way to protect yourself, safely enjoy all things and help others do the same. So mask up, live it up, and remember to:

Vacation Responsibly


Miami Beach Vacation Responsibly

Why Mask Safety is Important

Everyone has an important role to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Practice social distancing and wrap your face when in public even if you think you are perfectly healthy. It’s not just about you, it’s about protecting everyone around you. Mask up and do your part to combat COVID-19. Do it for your community, for family and friends. Do it for a maskless tomorrow. Stay Safe, Wrap Your Face.

Support Mask Safety

Spread the Safety message by accessing the GMCVB ‘Stay Safe, Wrap Your Face’ Toolkit. It provides the creative, messaging and best practices to promote this Mask Safety initiative through consumer and B2B messaging.

Masks/Facial Coverings

Please be safe! Kindly wrap your face and practice social distancing when you are exploring our beautiful tropical paradise! Here are the guidelines:

  • Masks/facial coverings are required if you are indoors.
  • Masks are required on all public transportation.
  • Masks/facial coverings are not required for people who are outdoors if they are standing at least 10 feet apart from other people or engaged in strenuous physical activity outdoors, if social and physical distancing can be guaranteed.

We are Open for Business

For details on how to vacation safely and responsibly at our Beaches, Parks, Restaurants, Hotels,Transportation and Businesses throughout the destination, please visit our detailed Travel Advisory page.

Covid-19 Testing

Knowing is Sexy. Here is a current list of Covid testing sites in Miami-Dade County.


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