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  • Miami Heritage Month
  • December 1 - December 31
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Prizm Art Fair is part of Miami Heritage Month (December 1 - December 31). Learn more about the Miami Heritage Month Program

Prizm Art Fair

Now through Dec 17 2017

Spanning two weeks and coinciding with Miami Art Week, Prizm Art Fair, hosted in partnerships with Knight Foundation, MANA Contemporary, and the Green Family Foundation will take place December 5th through December 17th, 2017 atMana Contemporary Downtown, Miami.

In 2017, Prizm presents Universal Belonging, a global program curated by Mikhaile Solomon that unravels and explores complexities inherent in transcultural dialogue. Prizm delves into how Africa and its Diaspora preserve a sustainable dialogue with its identity in the wake of these transcultural dynamics by sharing an array of narratives shaping the Diasporic experience in widespread geographies including Iran (Sara Issakharian), Egypt (Ibrahim Ahmed), Nigeria (Yachinma Ukoha-Kalu), the Caribbean (Sheena Rose, Nyugen Smith) and the United States (T.Eliott Mansa, Leonardo Benzant). These narratives lay a sturdy foundation for a contemporary conversation that analyzes colonialism, examines modes of cultural adaptation and makes positive prescriptions for cultural resiliency transcendng invasive agendas that limit the exchange of positive trans culturalism which honors difference whilst acknowledging histories that have led to our current transcultural state.

Prizm Art Fair will feature four special sections: Prizm Preview, Prizm Panels, Prizm Film, and Prizm Perform. William Cordova curates: Chicago 9” and “The transphysics we knew about…, special exhibitions within Prizm. Exhibiting artists include Purvis Young, Coco Fusco, Leslie Hewitt, Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, Aramis O’Reilly, Donald McKnight, Debra Priestly, Derrick Adams, Torkwase Dyson.

Lafayette College and the Experimental Printmaking Institute present “Swarm.” a collaborative special project by artists Didier William and Nestor Armando Gil (Wkshp) that examines the liminal space between known and constructed histories through the lens of immigrant and diaspora communities.

The Aftab Committee presents “Contemporary Ghareebs”, an exhibition that celebrates the works of Iranian contemporary artists: Mahsa Roosta, Behrouz Moslemi, Najmeh Pourshojai, and more. The Aftab Committee supports Iranian-American artists and their works. By raising awareness, advocating education, and facilitating various events and exhibits to increase public consciousness and appreciation of Iranian-American artists and art.


Venue: 145 East Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33131
Fair open to the Public
$150 VIP/ Catalog, Tours, Access to all events
$15 One Day
$50 Multi-Day
$10 Prizm X FAC

Artist Talk

Universal Belonging: Transcending Borders through Visual Arts Practice
Thursday October 19th, 7 PM – 9 PM
Venue: The Betsy Hotel 1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Prizm Art Fair will begin art season with a panel of estimable contemporary artists, Nyugen Smith, Ibrahim Ahmed, and Ricky Ulysse whose works share common narratives including, exploration of identity through their cultural histories and their contemporary lives, religion, and politics. We will discuss how their research and lived experiences, migratory, ethnographic, religious have shaped the direction of their arts practice.


Press Preview - Noon to 4 PM
Venue: MANA CONTEMPORARY; 145 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131
Prizm Invites members of the Press for a first View of Prizm Art Fair 2017

Prizm Opening Dinner - 6 PM to 8 PM by invitation only
Prizm opens its door for a first look at the Prizm Art Fair and a three-course dinner event presented in partnerships with Barbados Tourism and Mount Gay Rum.

Venue: 145 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131
Prizm opens its door for a first look at the Prizm Art Fair

Venue: 145 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131
Fair open to the Public

Venue: 145 East Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33131
Fair open to the public

Prizm Perform - 5 PM to 8 PM
Challenging conventional modes of artmaking, performance art has long been a medium within which artists can utilize a different format to explore, challenge, and dissect a range of ideas and frameworks. Prizm Perform offers this alternative mode of arts practice with works presented artists from African and the African Diaspora.
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM – Tsedaye Makonnen
6:00 PM – 6:45 PM – Helina Metafaria
7:00 PM – 7:45 PM -- Nyguen Smith & Marvin Fabien

10 am – 6 pm: General Admission:

Venue: 145 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131
Fair open to the Public

12 PM – 5 PM: Prizm Panels
Prizm hosts Prizm panels; a series of conversations & film screenings presented by thought leaders and practitioners in contemporary African and African diaspora art.


12 PM – 12:45 PM: Cara Ober BMore Art:
Artists and Audience - Building Relationships Outside the Traditional Gallery System

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM: Laylah Amatullah Barrayn and Marilyn Nance
Author / Co-Founder + Editor-in-Chief of MFON Women and Photography of the African Diaspora and Lead Photographer of Festac77

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM: Didier William and Nestor Gil
Artists Didier William and Nestor Gil will discuss their collaborative project Swarm. a collaborative special project that examines the liminal space between known and constructed histories through the lens of immigrant and diaspora communities.

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM: Ascension and The Black Renaissance: Exploring the Intersections and Impact of Dr. Maya Angelou’s Art Collection in Everyday Life presented by the Maya Angelou Foundation:
Members of Dr. Maya Angelou’s treasured village share experiences about her all-embracing art collection and the indelible imprint it made in their lives.  Through a carefully woven narrative that embraces a manifold of her core values, panelists Dinizulu Gene Tinnie…, will gain a wealth of insights into how the visual arts shaped her everyday life and the lives of those she loved.
Panelists: Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, Elliott Jones, Kephra Burns, and Tracey Robertson Carter

4:00 PM – 4:45 PM: Jeanette Ehlers and LaVaughn Belle
I Am Queen Mary is a collaborative sculpture project between Jeannette Ehlers (DK/Trinidad) and La Vaughn Belle (USVI) that commemorates the Centennial anniversary of the transfer of the former Danish West Indies (today known as the US Virgin Islands) from Denmark to the United State. I Am Queen Mary takes as its point of departure the historical figure of Mary Thomas, an important leader of the ‘Fireburn’ labour revolt on St. Croix. A site-specific intervention, I Am Queen Mary will occupy the waterfront by Copenhagen’s West Indian Warehouse that stored sugar, rum and other goods produced by enslaved workers in Denmark’s former Caribbean colonies.  This talk will focus on contextualizing the project as a site of conflict, agency and hybridity and continue the much-needed conversations around the vast implications of Danish colonialism in the fields of politics and aesthetics.

10 am – 6 pm: G

Prizm Art Fair


145 E. Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33131
(954) 372-6241

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