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Visiting Miami From Abroad

International Travel Tips for Miami

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    New International Flights To Miami

    Miami International Airport now offers non-stop air service from 4 new International cities.

    Avianca Brasil will be the first to launch it's new daily passenger service between Miami - the first U.S. destination and only the second city outside of Brazil ever for the airline - and Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 23, 2017.
    Aer Lingus is launching thier very first direct service between Dublin, Ireland and Miami on September 1, 2017 with three direct flights a week to and from Miami. Now you can travel from the Emerald Isle to the sunny shores of Miami with no stops in between.
    Scandinavian SAS already offered flights from Oslo and Copenhagen but begining on October 29, they will begin weekly air service from Stockholm, Sweden to Miami. Travel from Scandinavia to the warm Miami Beaches and rich culture of Miami with direct non-stop service year round starting this fall.
    El Al Israel Airlines will be offering non-stop flights to and from Tel Aviv beginning November 2017. This is the Israeli national airline's sixth route to North America and allows Tel Aviv visitors to directly travel to Miami with no stops.

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    International Travel Essentials

    All international visitors are subject to the laws of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, so know the basics before you pack your bags for that perfect Miami vacation.

    Take a look at the US Tourism & Visa website to learn what to do about a lost passports; emergencies; fraud warnings, visa information and more.
    Learn more at the US Customs and Border Protection website or contact the US embassy in your country of residence with any questions. You can also contact your own country's embassy while you are here in Miami if you have questions or issues.

    The "Know Before You Visit" section for International travelers coming to Miami with information including traveling with pets, traveling Internationally with medication, bringing food into the United States and everything you need to know about necessary International travel documentation, among other important information.

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    Mail, Phones & Adapters

    Stay in touch with work or family and friends and plan ahead for ways to communicate internationally. Today, Internet access to easy to come by and most hotels offer it for free or to purchase at reasonable cost. Look for cafes and coffee shops with sign in the window indicating free WiFi. Travelers can easily stay connected through WiFi options on their portable devices like laptops, iPads and phones with Internet options. Remember that you’ll need an AC adapter for your laptop and a plug adapter for U.S. sockets. Travelers who need to make phone calls have several convenient options. The only cell phones that work inside the United States are GSM tri or quad band models. The most cost effective method is usually to buy a compatible SIM card for the USA (sold by major carriers like AT&T and Cingular) or to buy a no-contract, prepaid phone with a set number of minutes (available form Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, AT&T and more starting at $15). Phone numbers within the U.S. start with a three digital are code followed by a seven-digit number. To call long-distance (from state to state) you may need to first press 1. 1 is the international country code for USA if calling from abroad. Dial 011 to make an international call from with the U.S., followed by the country code and phone number.

International Resources