Luggage Storage


Seize the day and make the most of your time in Miami! If you have a few hours between flights or after your cruise and you’re looking to hit the town even if just for an afternoon there are a few options for luggage storage so you don’t have anything weighing you down.


Miami International Airport has luggage storage options open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Charges depend on baggage size and daily rates are available (maximum of 60 days).

Cruise Line

If you have a few days in Miami after a lengthy cruise you might not want the hassle of transporting your full load to a hotel, after all this is supposed to be a stress-free beach vacation! Check with your cruise line for luggage forwarding options. Another option, if you’ve come into town with a few hours or a morning to spare before your cruise departs is early baggage check in times. Call in advance to confirm whether or not your selected cruise line offers this service and be sure to ask how much time you’ll have before you depart.


The last option for luggage store is checking with your hotel. Many hotels will hold your bags even after you’ve checked out so that you can check off those last “to-dos” from your list without lugging around a carry-on or duffel bag.

Enjoy those last (or first) few hours and be sure to call in advance because policies vary from hotel to hotel and cruise line to cruise line.

For a list of options to store your luggage, click here.

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