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What better way to discover Miami, than with tips from Miami natives? Get suggestions from locals, and discover what makes each of our neighborhoods so special and so worth a visit.

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Coconut Grove

As Ominé will tell you, this small, laid back village on Biscayne Bay is one of the most colorful parts of Miami. From sidewalk cafes and boutiques, to annual festivals, to daily parades of peacocks that wander the streets. Hop on your bike and follow Ominé with her awesome dog, Walter, as they ride through her hometown of Coconut Grove.

Downtown Miami

From the contemporary art at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), to the waterfront parks. From iconic Freedom Tower where Cuban immigrants first experienced liberty, to happy hour and some of the most breathtaking views of the city. This is Downtown and if there’s one thing that’s certain: Kyle, aka Mr. Miami, loves being in the middle of it all. Hop on the Metromover train with him in his video and he’ll show you why in his neighborhood of Downtown Miami you come for the culture and stay for the cocktails.

Historic Overtown

Today, this vibrant corner of Greater Miami displays its cultural and civic pride with colorful murals of African-American heroes, its annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade and the historic Lyric Theater. The Lyric Theater was the anchor of the area once known as "Little Broadway" and hosted performances by such big names as Count Basie, Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. The Lyric Theater thrived between 1913 and the 1960s, but the facility went through a lull after that. Today, the Lyric Theater is reopened, renovated and working to reclaim its former glory.

The neighborhood is also home to local's favorites like the beloved People's Bar-B-Que, non-profit music projects, arts festivals, farmers markets and more.

Little Haiti

The Miami neighborhood known as Little Haiti is the cultural heart for the Haitian Diaspora. The area boasts art galleries, Haitian book and music stores and the Little Haiti Cultural Center, which hosts dance and theater performances and is increasingly becoming a burgeoning center of small independent businesses.

Little Havana

Cuban coffee. Cuban art. Cuban juice stands. Cuban cigars. Cuban food. There’s a reason why it’s called Little Havana. And no one knows the neighborhood quite like Jose. He grew up in Miami, and Calle Ocho is his home base. Sit back and sip a coffee as he tells you about his pride and joy – 8th Street, the heart of Little Havana.

North Beach

This part of Miami Beach has something few cosmopolitan cities have– space. Lots of wide-open, uncrowded, kick-back and relax space. Up here, the scene is about the scenery. Endless blue water. Golden sand and views of sandcastles. If you just want to be yourself or be by yourself, head here. And if you need a wingman, just look for a pelican.

South Beach

There’s glamor. There’s glitz. There’s sun and sea spray. That’s South Beach in a nutshell. You can’t go wrong with people-watching on Ocean Drive, shopping on Lincoln Road, or taking in the charm on Espanola Way. Join local, Morgan Blitnner, and paddleboard off into a sorbet colored-sky along Sunset Harbor. Hop on a paddleboard with Morgan and you’ll see in an instant why he calls South Beach home.


You can find it on building walls and doors. You can buy it in a gallery, like Mali’s, or watch it being made before your very eyes. You can taste it at the hip restaurants and local breweries. Even the coffee at the coffee house is artisan. In Miami’s Wynwood, art is everywhere and it inspires everything. Architecture. Food. Beer. Coffee. Haircuts. And of course, the people. In her video, Mali will tell you herself, it’s what brought her business to this ‘it’ place for artists and entrepreneurs.