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Take a bite of America’s fruit basket in Homestead. Just southwest of Miami, it’s where the country’s tropical fruit is grown. It’s also home to the antique-filled Redlands Hotel, Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery, the confounding Coral Castle. Explore wiht Insider Megan, as she recommends her favorite childhood haunt – Monkey Jungle. Or go wilder and visit the toothy amphibians at Alligator Farm, or the animals at Zoo Miami.

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Robert Is Here

Established in 1960 when its namesake Robert was only six, Robert Is Here has since grown to be a remarkable operation. An iconic landmark, the fruit stand and farm has been featured numerous times on national TV and in national magazines – and rightly so. Specializing in tropical fruit, citrus, and family canning recipes, Robert Is Here also offers fresh-fruit milkshakes, seasonal fruit, and bushels of fruit-based wisdom. Come visit, and meet Robert himself.

It began, almost accidentally, in 1933, when an animal behaviorist released six monkeys into the wild. Since then, Monkey Jungle has grown to become the home of 30 primate species and is one of the few protected habitats for endangered primates in the country, and the only one the public can explore. With over 400 primates running free on a 30 acre preserve, it is the humans that are caged. Witness the Java monkey (skilled divers) collect crabs from the mangrove swamps, as well as an aviary and tropical rainforest.

South Florida’s oldest alligator farm, Everglades Alligator Farm is home to over 2,000 alligators. Near the main entrance of Everglades National Park, it is also a working alligator farm, home to the famous 14-foot Grandpa alligator. While you’re there for your airboat ride through the "river of grass", be sure and catch one of the hourly shows so you can see the crocodiles, caimans, and exotic snakes.

Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery was born in 2003 when Peter and Denisse Schnebly began making wines from their 96 acres of exotic tropical fruits. Furthering Redland’s agro-tourism and their own sustainable farming, it was recently named a 2014 Top Winery & Brewery Worth Traveling For by TripAdvisor. Drop by and sample five of their 22 wines in their tasting room. Taste a mango wine, reminiscent of chardonnay, the crisp citrusy young green flavors of their avocado-based Avovino, or better yet, raise your glasses to their semi-sweet sparkling wines from lychee or passion fruit.  

Venture south, and go back in time, to the nostalgic Cauley Square Historical Railroad Village. A charming glimpse of old South Florida at its best. An inviting 10 acres of lush landscapes, quaint cottages, and shaded paths ideal for romantic strolls. Explore a delightful labyrinth of antique stores, boutiques, specialty shops, and restaurants, including the Village Chalet, the sweet indulgences of the Latin Corner, as well as the famous Tea Room restaurant.

Howl, screech, growl, hiss – make whatever noises you must, but get to Zoo Miami. Rated one of America’s top 10 zoos by TripAdvisor, the wildness of its 3,000+ animals in large open-air exhibits will entertain the entire family. Climb the towering Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station, hop aboard Humpy’s Camel Rides, explore Dr. Wilde’s World, Amazon and Beyond, Wings Down Under: A Parrot Feeding Experience, or Wings of Asia. Travel by foot, Safari Cycle, monorail, there's even a guided tram tour – but make sure you experience Zoo Miami.

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