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Little Havana

Little Havana

Let local Jose Fernandez take you on a stroll down Calle Ocho. He’s got it right when he says the neighborhood itself is a cultural museum, from its hand-rolled cigar shops to its open-air fruit markets. Everywhere you go you’ll be met with the scent of a fresh cortado, and a plate of rice and beans is bound to be steps away — whether you walk or salsa dance your way down the street.

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It doesn’t get more Little Havana than this fruit stand. Los Pinareños is the oldest open-air market in all of Miami. You’ll find exotic fruit, veggies, local honey, flowers, and some of the best fresh-made juices and milkshakes on planet earth. Treat yourself to a banana café batido – a banana milkshake with a shot of Cuban coffee. And don’t forget to visit Tuca in the back – the family’s pot-bellied pig.

Suzie changes her fresh tropically-inspired ice cream flavors practically every day... You can get classics like Chocolate, but when you come to Azucar it’s for the Miami flavors like Café con Leche (Cuban Coffee & Oreo) and Key Lime Pie. And then there’s their original Abuela Maria® - vanilla ice cream, ruby-red guava, rich cream cheese and crispy, sweet Maria biscuits. Guaranteed, it’ll remind you of your Cuban grandmother, even if you aren’t Cuban.

Want a real taste of Little Havana? Grab an ice cream and head to Domino Park. When it comes to dominos, the national game of Cuba, the local citizens who come here every day take no prisoners... Sure, it’s the smack down of dominos, but it’s also a place for social commentary mixed with a deep sense of nostalgia and life-long friendships. It’s not always easy to follow, but the game is definitely fun to watch.

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