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North Beach

North Beach

Head north – that’s what DJ Laura says. Follow this local radio show producer’s lead and you’ll find it is different here. Sure, wide open beaches, spectacular turquoise waters, and waving palms are almost a given on our coastline, but ours are less crowded, more perfect. Our pace is more casual, our vibe more mellow. As Laura will attest, it’s soothing, restorative, and thanks to the bow ties and cheese holes of MiMo (Miami Modern) architecture, blessed with just the right amount of funk.

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When this local Argentinian bakery says they have the best empanadas and pastries outside of Argentina, it’s not just a bunch of empty words. They’ve got the awards to back the bragging rights. And if you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry – you can always point out which sinfully delicious and always-fresh pastelito you want. This place is popular with locals and can get really busy but the baked goods are so good, it’s worth the wait.

Hey who’s that blaring their music right next to your beach blanket? Well, that would be no one, because North Beach offers something many beaches don’t have – space. Lots of wide-open, uncrowded, kick-back and relax space. Up here, the beach scene is about the scenery. Endless blue water. Golden sand and views of remote sandcastles. Head here if you just want to be yourself or be by yourself. And if you need a wingman, just look for a pelican.



In the good old days, when the rat pack ruled the resorts, Miami Beach became known for its glamorous twist on modern architecture. Known as MiMo (Miami Modern), you can find perfectly preserved and restored hotels and building throughout North Beach, Normandy Isle and even parts of Mid Beach. Cheeseholes, beanpoles, bow ties and woggles are what you’re looking for and yes, they look just like they sound. So toss on some cool walking shoes and your stingy brim hat and hit the road. Or in this case, sidewalk. You can DIY on a self-guided tour or join one of the walking tours offered by The Miami Design Preservation League. They’re lead by local historians, architects, and trained guides.

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