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Caribbean Market Day

Now through   -  Apr 08 2028

Come out to Little Haiti’s Caribbean Marketplace for Caribbean Market Day every Saturday

With institutions like the Little Haiti Cultural Complex and the Caribbean Marketplace, Little Haiti is a thriving neighborhood ripe for exploration. Together, they present Caribbean Market Day every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to showcase Afro-Caribbean entertainment, authentic local Caribbean food, handmade arts and crafts and a farmer’s market selling fresh fruit and vegetables.

Caribbean Market Day is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the Caribbean Marketplace and Little Haiti. The Caribbean Marketplace (or Mache Aysisyen in Haitian) was designed by architect Charles Pawley as a modern day replica of Haiti’s iron market. With its bright pastels, pitched tin rooftops and decorative latticework, it transports visitors to the island. Inside, the marketplace offers flexible space for events, arts and craft vendors, food stalls and art exhibitions.

Today, the marketplace is managed by the Little Haiti Cultural Complex in conjunction with the City of Miami and it serves as an official Visitor Center for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

During Caribbean Market Day, dine on the cuisine of the neighborhood from restaurants like Chef Creole, Chez Le Bebe and Leela’s Restaurant while grooving to live kompa music and perusing the arts and crafts vendors. Go straight for the griot plate, a traditional Haitian dish of fried pork, often served with rice, peas and tostones. Of course, anything swimming in creole sauce is a good bet and popular dishes include fried conch, fish, chicken or lobster tail.

You’ll also come across Afro-Caribbean fashion and accessories, homewares, natural beauty products and books during a dynamic and fun-filled day at the Caribbean Marketplace. The Little Haiti Cultural Complex has become a true cornerstone of the community with its mission of presenting and preserving Afro-Caribbean culture, inspiring the next generation of leaders and leveraging the arts and culture as tools of transformation and community building.

Whether you’re a regular at the center or this is your first time, Caribbean Market Day is an excellent way to get a taste for Little Haiti’s culture, community and authentic flavor.

Little Haiti Cultural Complex


212-260 NE 59th Terrace
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 960-2903

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