Bringing Acqualina to You

Bringing Acqualina to You

Now - Dec 31, 2020

To keep you inspired in this time of social distancing, the Acqualina Resort has launched a series of lifestyle blog to share resourceful ideas and fun activities to try at home.

As you can't check into Acqualina right now, you can use our beautiful backdrops for your next Zoom meeting. You can hold your business call from a luxurious suite, one of our stunning pools, a cabana or our lush grounds dotted with red umbrellas and lounge chairs punctuating the blue and green hues of the natural surroundings. Bask in the sun and white sand at our beachfront resort.

You will also discover in our "Bringing Acqualina to You" series a recipe from Costa Grill with a video from Chef Cesar Roque on how to make delicious Fish Tacos, and ways to balance your work from your home lifestyle. Browse through for hands-on activities accompanied with how-to videos on topics like healthy Acqualina Diet recipes, crafty kid-friendly activities and more.

The “Bringing Acqualina to You” blog series is ongoing so be sure to revisit periodically.


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