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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many hotels have temporarily closed their doors, but numerous hotels remain open to Essential Lodgers. Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) has compiled a list of its hotel partners that are currently open only to Essential Lodgers.

If you are an Essential Lodger (see the qualifying criteria) interested in sending out a lead to all hotels, please send email with your information and a subject line – “Essential Lodger Request” or call (305) 539-3071 for assistance.

For future travel plans…

Miami hotels may come in every size and price point, but they stand on a class all their own. Stylish boutique properties offer seductive details and intimate comfort while meticulously opulent resorts defy and elevate the very concept of luxury. Some hotels are discreetly tucked away in Miami’s most intriguing neighborhoods, while other iconic properties are known for legendary amenities like championship golf courses, spa sanctuaries, onsite haute cuisine, alluring nightlife… or all of the above.

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