Raúl de Nieves - Eternal Return and The Obsidian Heart

Please contact the event or venue directly in case of postponement or cancellation.

Raúl de Nieves - Eternal Return and The Obsidian Heart

Now - Mar 21, 2021
Recurring daily through Mar 21, 2021

$10; free for MOCA members and North Miami residents.

De Nieves’ work investigates decadence, desire, and divinity in relation to material, emotional, and spiritual realms. The artist is inspired by his childhood in Michoacan, Mexico, where public religious rituals and private devotional acts included elaborate costuming, performances, and theatrical components; as well as by queer punk scenes in San Diego, San Francisco, and New York where he found his artistic voice. Whether working in collaboration with other artists and musicians, or as a solo practitioner making labor-intensive paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, and environments, de Nieves articulates an aesthetic of abundance through an economy of means. Elaborate anthropomorphic figures shimmer and seduce from afar, but a closer look reveals that they are encrusted in beads, crystals, plastic jewels, sequins, cardboard, and other readily-available items that the artist transforms through a laborious, ritual-like practice.


Conversations at MOCA: Raul de Nieves + Risa Puleo – Thursday, Dec. 3, 7–8:30 p.m.

Join artist Raul De Nieves in conversation with exhibition curator Risa Puleo via Zoom as they discuss De Nieves’ exhibition “Eternal Return & the Obsidian Heart”; his history, art and performance practice; and De Nieves’ affinity for punk rock, performance and mysticism.  RSVP here

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