Summertime Tinkers

  • This event has passed

Summertime Tinkers

Jun 10 - Aug 23, 2019
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

$198.00/week for MCM Members and $220.00/week for non-members

This event has passed

This event has passed. Check out our current events.

The Miami Children's Museum Summer Camp on Watson Island will kick off for an 11 week expedition where tinkerers have the opportunity to be innovative and create games/toys and other projects. Each week, the tinkerers will have unique opportunity to tinker, explore, imagine and create extraordinarty objects. Each week is a new tinkering adventure.

Week 1 (June 10-14) Summertime STEAM-off

-Kick off the summer exploring how people make things. Campers will investigate the five areas of STEAM by investigating the world around them, experimenting using simple machines and discover new inventions.

Week 2 (June 17-21) What Wood you Make?

-Imagine, design, measure, cut, assemble- grab your tool belt and get ready to construct bird houses, popsicle crafts, and express themselves through creative wood burning.

Week 3 (June 24-June 28) Pedal to the Metal

-Explore the craft and practice of working with different metal properties. Create mobiles from wire hangers, wind chimes from copper pipes and soldering.

Week 4 (July 1-5) Building Buddies

-Our awesome engineering challenges will get kids building, creating, and have having fun. Learn how to make kaleidoscopes, sail cars, and catapults

Week 5 (July 8-12) Sew What?

-Learn the difference between a button and a bobby pin. Learn to sew, use patterns, and mood boards. Design clothes and accessories for our fashion show.

Week 6 (July 15-19) The Mold and the Beautiful: Clay Play

-Let you imagination lead they the way as we explore all the possibilities of clay.

Week 7 (July 22-26) Structures and Statues

-Put on your hard hat and get ready to enjoy a week of exploring structures around the world.

Week 8 (July 29-Aug 2) Instrument Innovation

-Join us as we combine our love for music and making things for our end of the week music festival.

Week 9 (Aug 5-9) Up, Up, and Away: Things That Fly

-Take flight and explore the many things with wings. Make flying crafts and discover how high and far your creations can go.

Week 10 (Aug 12-16) Wanna Play? Game Makers

-Most important thing is to have fun. What's more fun than playing games...created by you?!!

Week 11 (Aug 19-23) Franken-Toys

-Some broken toys, a little of bit of glue and a whole lot of creativity is the recipe for creating a Franken-Toy.


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