Contemporary Venezuelan Artists of the Miami Diaspora

Contemporary Venezuelan Artists of the Miami Diaspora

Dec 3, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Join us as we celebrate the opening of three new exhibitions. For this special evening, we'll be joined by the artists and curators.

"For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora"

"For Now" brings together key Venezuelan artists who have settled in Miami throughout the last 20 years. From different generations, and working across a variety of mediums and topics, these creators are part of a complex, ever-growing art scene that has made a huge impact in South Florida.

Artist Book: "El Viaje"

"El Viaje..." is an exhibition of an artist's book featuring 18 Latin-American creators whose reflections on personal exile and diaspora are expressed through their graphic works. Each piece is accompanied by a poem from a renowned writer that also addresses different kinds of displacement. For all participants, the meaning of journey is both physical and spiritual.

"Venezuela: Humor en Serio / Serious Humor"

This exhibition is comprised of the graphic work of Venezuelan cartoonists Roberto Weil and EDO. Over 15 caricatures make comments on Venezuelan past and present politics with a dose of humor.

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