5 Day Miami Adventure

Miami Seaquarium

Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium

Everglades Sunset

Sunset over the Everglades

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By: Miguel Pena

With the wide blue Atlantic Ocean, the grassy Everglades, and sparkling Biscayne Bay creating some of the most unique landscapes in the world, Miami is ripe for outdoor exploration and adventure. Miguel Pena, President of the Southern Florida Concierge Association and concierge at the Trump Hollywood, has created a “5-Day Miami Adventure Guide” with the best options for a thrill and to experience the great outdoors as can only be done in Miami.

Day One: Everglades Safari Park Adventure

A trip to Miami wouldn’t be complete without discovering the Everglades. Everglades Safari Park is a family-run outpost that has been entertaining visitors since 1968. On the Private Jungle of Wilderness Tour, you and your travel companions will journey deep into Everglades wilderness through an intricate River of Grass system aboard your own Safari airboat. A professional tour guide narrates your trip as you maneuver through this secretly preserved jungle of wilderness. Experience breathtaking panoramic views as you visit the Everglades National Park with stops on levees along the way. You may encounter alligators, turtles, deer, wild hogs, raccoons, native flora and fauna and other exotic wildlife as you glide through the Everglades' lush vegetation and tranquility.

Day Two: Miami Sky Diving Center

Always wanted to go sky diving, but never had the opportunity? Well, wait no longer! Experience a true bird’s eye view of South Florida at an elevation of 13,500 feet with the Miami Sky Diving Center located at the Miami Executive Airport. With a full 60-second freefall at 120 mph, Miami Sky Diving Center caters to first timers with their tandem dives. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Miami Seaquarium
Miami Seaquarium

Day Three: Sea Trek Reef Encounter at Miami Seaquarium

Have you always dreamed of scuba diving, but never had the opportunity to get certified? At the Miami Seaquarium, you can experience just this with their Sea Trek Reef Encounter experience. No scuba or snorkeling experience necessary! Using state-of-the-art dive helmets and a wetsuit, immerse yourself in their 300,000-gallon tropical reef and walk amongst tropical fish, stingrays, and other underwater creatures.

Day Four: Helicopters Over Miami

Experience the Miami skyline in style or take a voyage south over the Keys for breathtaking vistas. The choice is yours when you set flight with a helicopter tour of Miami. Your pilot delivers the play-by-play experience over the headphones, showing you sites you never knew existed. You’ll see winding canals, sparkling pools and a great aerial view of Miami’s mansions.

Experience Miami from the Sky
Experience Miami from the Sky

Day Five: Miami Seaplane Tours

Soar over Biscayne Bay and enjoy a ride on a truly unique aircraft. Miami Seaplane Tours lets you experience the thrill and romance of skipping across the wave tops as the seaplane becomes airborne, unveiling the magical city skyline beneath. While airborne, you may see dolphins frolicking in the bay or see a spotted leopard ray gliding beneath the water’s surface. It’s an only-in-Miami style adventure! Choose seaplane tours from 30 minutes to two hours. Reservation required with 24 hours notice. You can also call : (305) 361-3909

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