A Leap of Faith Stage Play

  • This event has passed

A Leap of Faith Stage Play

Sep 21, 2019
6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

$40 – $95

This event has passed

This event has passed. Check out our current events.

Christopher Larkins is convinced that most people are unsure of themselves during the test of their faith…With the type of intellect that he has, he refuses to tie himself to any religion, especially Christianity. Instead he believes that people should enlighten their conscious mind and enjoy the finer things in life. Christopher is comfortable. He does not tie himself to just one woman because there is far too many women to choose from and enjoy. After all, he is a Renaissance man and a lover of justified polygamy. In the midst of Drama, he is the one to lash out in sarcasm and provoking situations to rise to a level of uncertainty. During this season in his life he will have to confront a traumatic experience that happened to him as a child. Ultimately what happens next in his life is entirely up to him. Lovely Waters is a established PR agent for her company, Waters Estates. She secretly lives a double life that intertwines with success and promiscuity, which brings her to a thin line between life and death. Analuara Water’s teaches her niece the importance of discernment and learning that not every man that says that he believes in God is a “God fearing man and a believer of Christ"... Mrs. Analaura Waters’ husband, Mr. Waters, has a low tolerance level for foolery, if by any means necessary he will slay anyone down in the Spirit. He speaks the truth and shames the devil. Alexlander Patterson is a man after God’s heart and learning the true meaning of patience. He is pushed to love his wife, even when she doesn’t feel worthy to be desired or loved. These past few months for Amanda Patterson have been really low for her. She snaps about everything. The cause behind her emotional rollercoaster is because she feels that the doctor’s report is overpowering her. She’s gotten selfish with her husband. She’s quick to make money and the last thing she wants to do is pray. Doria Pachangi is struggling to make ends meet and is in the last semester of completing her last class before walking across the stage. She will become the first woman in her family to earn her master’s degree. Thanks to Nathan Stevenson, a very intuitive gentleman, who helps her anxiety to lessen when it comes to the office chronicles of working for Dr.Suzie Dupri, a family and marriage counselor. This is a transitioning time for Dr.Suzie Dupri. She wants to open a new facility and has put in a bid. While she waits for the news, she will learn that she can be just a little too full of herself. At the end everyone will have the freewill to make a decision that can either make or break them. Follow Us: A Leap of Faith Encore