Aqua Girl

Aqua Girl

Aqua Foundation for Women

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Pass: $55-$185; Tickets: $0-$75

By: A. M. De la Torre | Aug 23, 2019

Over the course of its illustrious 20-year history, the event known as Aqua Girl has left an indelibly positive mark on the lives of tens of thousands of lesbian, gay, bi and trans women. Attracted by the prospect of an all-women’s weekend in the tropical sun, steps from the Atlantic, and the excitement that South Beach promises (and delivers,) women from across the country and around the world have made the pilgrimage to Aqua Girl a “must,” year after year.

Kissed by the sun and embracing of all colors, shapes, and flavors.

Friendships both occasional and lifelong have been forged during Aqua Girl’s three-day festival. Lots of flirting has transpired and many a memory has been made. But the enticement of going to Aqua Girl 2019 isn’t based solely on its reputation as an amazing party weekend for 20 years running—but also on its pledge to proudly affirm today’s gender sensibilities and be an epic, super-inclusive festival welcoming thousands of LGBT, queer, and nonbinary women to celebrate their lives—laughing, swimming, sharing, dancing and playing together— and enjoying a program of activities revolving around a gorgeous South Beach hotel, reserved almost exclusively for Aqua Girl guests. Sounds like a dream, no?

Equal parts water, spontaneity and celebration= all the makings for free-spirited fun.

Kicking off on Thursday, October 3rd with the “What’s your sign” welcome party, and wrapping up Sunday with the “Recovery” party on October 6th, the 20th anniversary edition of Aqua Girl will highlight the best of what South Beach has to offer, “celebrating our community locally and showcasing its unique character, far and wide,” enthuses Alison Burgos, an original Aqua Girl founder. She and her business partners are the powerhouses behind Pandora Events, known for the Girls in Wonderland party, in Orlando, Florida.

Aqua means water so it’s no surprise that three of Aqua Girl’s signature events are pool parties, with Saturday’s party being the crown jewel. Things get animated when you mix the tropical heat, scantily clothed women and water. Add the blistering beats of three top US DJs, Abstrakt (Friday), SammiBlendz (Saturday) and Pat Pat (Sunday); host Rose Garcia, of “The Real L Word,” to stoke the crowd-- and a singing performance by Jackie Cruz (“Flaca” from “Orange is the New Black”)-- and you have a recipe for all-capital-letter FUN.

Not to be overshadowed by the in-the-sun fun, the nighttime parties bring the excitement indoors and to another level-- with sophisticated venues that epitomize South Beach nightlife, such as Pearl lounge, at Nikki Beach.

“Dulce” on Friday, turns the spotlight on the melting pot of Latin and Caribbean music—and beauties-- that Miami is known for. Throw down (or admire) sensuous salsa dance moves, inspired by music from DJ Citizen Jane and captivating performances by the Aqua Girl Dancers.

Saturday’s “Girltopia” event exudes a more hipster vibe with DJ Zehno and DJ Gigi at the soundboards, keeping the party going for hours with house, dance, remixed hip hop and Latin rhythms.

Appearing throughout the weekend will be performers such as Ivy Les Vixens and Scarlett Snow from the queer-oriented Les Vixens burlesque group. Highly followed LGBTQ influencers will also be mixing and mingling with guests-- and capturing every hashtag-able moment for the social media universe.

A party with a commitment to the LGBTQ women’s community.

Aqua Girl donates a portion of its proceeds to The Aqua Foundation for Women, a local non-profit advocating for LGBTQ women. If you’re lucky enough to be in South Florida one to two weekends before Aqua Girl, by making a separate donation to the Foundation, you can attend their VIP cocktail parties—chic, dress-up events-- held at glamourous private homes in Fort Lauderdale (September 21) and Miami (September 28.)

And speaking of locations, ground zero for Aqua Girl is oceanfront, at the luxe, artful, Art Deco, Marseilles Hotel. With special rates for Aqua Girl guests that include two passes to the Saturday pool party, it’s a vacation package that’s hard to resist. So hard to resist, in fact, that a second hotel, The Hyatt Centric, has also been reserved for Aqua’s “girls”—and yes, it also includes the pool party passes. To dive in and book, call +1-800-327-4739, or email Code: AQUA GIRL. Looking for even more choices? 

Despite the name, Aqua Girl is big on community inclusion. Women of all pronouns are welcomed, and so are their straight friends. Co-producer Yesi Leon affirms, “Aqua Girl is where you can come and be free, open, not be judged-- be yourself, celebrated and accepted.” This validation and support create the dynamic that keeps so many LGBTQ women energized about coming—and coming back—to this party, year after year, as singles, with friends, in couples…all flavors under the sun, under one [beach] umbrella— or maybe a poolside cabana. Here’s how to get in on the fun.


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