Art Xpressions

Art Xpressions

Dec 8, 2019
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Art Xpressions is Soul Basel's closing event experience that celebrates unique artists, crafts and culinary brands in the heart of the heritage district of Overtown. Featuring popular international Nigerian-American illustrator, Chukwunonso Ofili; guests can register for an intimate Sip and Stroke Session while enjoying live music, food, entertainment, arts & crafts from vendors across the country exhibiting during Miami Art Basel Week.

About Chuwunonso Ofili: Product designer, artist and entertainer based in Houston, Texas. Ofilidesigns Art is centered around illustrating images of the Afrocentric culture that triggers conversation. The desire to expand the taste and reach of his Nigerian culture has driven him to be a tireless supporter of the arts and artistic expression; especially in the Nigerian community. In July 2018, he was one of the featured artists at an African Art Exhibit during Afro Culture Weekend and later in the year was in an Artist-in-residence program to hold another Art exhibition in the city of Oakland, California called “How we Remember Art Exhibit” that was curated by BAKANAL DE AFRIQUE. Ofili The Artist aims to showcase the relevance, progressiveness, and originality of African Visual Arts and bring awareness and inspiration to up and coming visual artists.

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