Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour

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Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour

Now - Sep 4, 2020
12:30 PM

Recurring every week day through Sep 4, 2020

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Little Havana was recently listed as an official “national treasure” of the United States by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The reasons for this are clear, as Little Havana is well-known for its many historical, political, and artistic contributions to Miami culture.  Nestled in the heart of the city’s downtown area and only a short drive from Miami’s famed South Beach, the neighborhood is full of interesting cultural landmarks. Beyond that, Little Havana serves the finest and most authentic Cuban food that Florida has to offer.

Taste authentic Cuban cuisine while learning about Little Havana’s culture and traditions! Our Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour explores the rich history and culinary delights of a truly remarkable neighborhood.


  • Experience a unique and vibrant facet of American culture that can only be found in Miami.

  • Taste authentic Cuban cuisine and listen to the stories of those who know it best.

  • Learn about the spiritual beliefs and community practices of Little Havana, including Santeria.

  • Visit a cigar factory, explore Domino Park, and see The Cuba Ocho Art Museum.

  • Iconic pastries, savory snacks, expertly-crafted beverages, desserts, and more will leave you longing for another visit.  

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