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By: Kara Franker

Get a Lyft or go luxe with a limo.

When you come to Miami on vacation, we want you to relax and have fun, so consider letting someone else do all the driving. Then just sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether you want to quickly hire a driver via an app, or book a limo for a luxurious night on the town, here’s what you need to know.

Book a Driver on Your Smart Phone: Lyft and Ride Sharing Services

Lyft and Uber are car services that connect riders and drivers via a downloadable app for your smart phone. It’s one of the most preferred methods of traveling around the city for locals and visitors alike.

Ride costs are based on time and distance. And you can always estimate the cost of your ride on the app before you hire the driver. Bonus: there’s no need to tip the drivers.

Beware that additional stops may result in a higher fare, applicable tolls and surcharges may be added to your fare and trips to the airport or port may include an extra surcharge (between $2 and $5, depending on the location). Also, during times of intense demand, rates change over time as an incentive to keep vehicles available.

Both companies include a trust and service fee in the cost minimum. Here’s how it breaks down:

Lyft Miami Rates:

Lyft: $1 base fare + $0.15 per minute + $0.90 per mile (Minimum fare: $5; cancellation fee: $5).

Lyft Plus: $1.50 base fare + $0.23 per minute + $1.35 per mile (Minimum fare: $7; cancellation fee: $5).


Uber Miami Rates:

UberX: $0.95 base fare + $0.13 per minute + 0.85 per mile. (Minimum fare: $5; cancellation fee: $5).

UberXL: $2 base fare + 0.30 per minute + $1.95 per mile. (Minimum fare: $7.70; cancellation fee: $5).

LUX: $2.50 base fare + $0.40 per minute + $2.35 per mile. (Minimum fare: $10.70; cancellation fee: $10).

LUX SUV: $5 base fair + $0.80 per minute + $4.70 per mile (Minimum fare: $25.70; cancellation fee: $10).

UberPOOL: This is a carpooling service and price varies and is shown on the app. In general you’ll save at least 35 percent off of the regular UberX rate and you’ll still be billed individually.

UberBOAT: For special events like Miami Art Week, Uber offers boat rides that run between mainland Miami and Miami Beach. Fares vary depending on the event, but past rates have started at a flat rate of $35 per ride for groups of up to 6 riders.

For the most accurate rates, make sure you check online.

Go Luxe and Hire a Private Driver: Limousine & Chauffeured Services

For a night out on the town, hire a limo service or rent a luxury classic car complete with a chauffeur from a company like Florian’s Classics. Rates vary depending on how long you want the service, as well as time of year and the type of car/limo you choose.

Here’s a list of traditional limo and chauffeur services for hire:

All Chauffeurs Connections: (305) 606-5667
Avanti Limousines and Airport Transportation: (305) 256-0000
American Transportation: (305) 563-2337
Carey International: (800) 336-4646
ExecuCar: (305) 870-1000
Florian’s Classics: (305) 907-7578
International Limo of South Florida: (800) 305-4002
Key Transportation Service: (305) 751-5005
Ocean Drive Limousine: (305) 374-5466
Onelimo Alliance, Inc: (305) 704-3261
VIP Global: (305) 396-3380

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