Parks Are Reopening in Miami: What to Expect

Deering Estate Canoeing

Deering Estate Canoeing

Fruit and Spice Park

Miami's Fruit and Spice Park

Lummus Park

Lummus Park

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By: Mathew Ratner

Parks throughout Miami have begun to reopen to residents and visitors that are ready to get out and enjoy their beautiful open spaces - but just with a few guidelines from the state Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control. Here is what to expect when visiting these newly re-opened recreational areas as well as visiting the newly re-opened Deering Estate (open space only), Fruit & Spice Park and Trail Glades Range.

Please check the websites of the individual parks and recreational facilities, as each park’s rules may be different and could change.

Re-opening Rules and Regulations When Entering Parks and Recreational Areas in Miami

  • Facial coverings must be worn in accordance with Emergency Order 21-20 (HTML | PDF) and social distancing must be adhered to, per CDC/Health Department guidelines.

  • Seniors can use parks anytime and have priority and access two hours early in the morning, three times a week: from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the following parks: Gwen Cherry Park, Goulds Park, Oak Grove Park, Country Village Park, Arcola Lakes Senior Center, North Trail Park, Westwind Lakes Park, Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park and South Dade Park.

  • All passive uses of a park are allowed.

  • No groups of 10 or more are allowed in the parks and all groups that do visit the parks must stick to the 6 foot social distancing guidelines, though family members residing in the same dwelling are not included in that requirement.

  • Although each of Miami-Dade County's cities are can re-open their parks, they might have stricter rules or not open them at all. It's best to call ahead if your park isn't on this list.

What You're Allowed to do When You Visit a Miami Park Right Now

  • Outdoor exercise like walking, hiking, jogging and running

  • Selected trails and walkways will be one-way 

  • Skating and cycling are allowed in many parks

  • Individual sports are ok, but basketball can be practiced solo or up to three people per half court with each person having their own ball

  • Tennis can be singles matches only

  • Soccer can only be practiced alone

  • Golf is open. Here is a list of re-opened golf courses to get you teeing off this weekend

  • Boating

  • Nature walks on trails

  • Restrooms with attendants will be open and just to be safe, will receive frequent cleaning throughout the day

What You Can't Do at a Miami Park Right Now

  • Have large gatherings like picnic parties, organized competitive play, and pick-up games

  • Go camping, use gyms or swimming pools

  • Have groups of 10 or more

What Park Amenities are Still Closed Right Now

  • Sports field lighting

  • Food concessions 

  • Rental concessions, except for jet skis and kayaks that can be rented in marinas and are sanitized between use.

  • Playgrounds and outdoor exercise equipment 

  • Dog parks, recreation buildings, picnic shelters, gyms, campgrounds, skate parks, splashpads and swimming pools, table games, bike racks and mechanical attractions

Parks Now Open in Miami-Dade County

There are more than 500 parks and recreational facilities in Miami-Dade County, so use this partial list as a reference and visit each park’s website for up-to-date hours, rules and regulations. Parks within the City of Miami, Miami Beach, Hialeah and Miami Gardens may not be part of this first phase of reopening. Please also visit the Miami-Dade government website for updated information.

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