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By: Patricia Azze

Greater Miami and Miami Beach is chock full of wonderful bakeries creating delectable goodies from around the world – as well as local favorites you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a sugary morning bite, an afternoon coffee and pick-me-up, a dessert or a special-occasion confection, you'll find a fabulous baked good in Miami that has your name on it.

Bachour pistachio strawberry entremet
Indulge in pastry chef Antonio Bachour's artistic creations


An amazing bakery and restaurant in Coral Gables, Bachour is equal parts Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and sleek Scandinavian lab. World-renowned pastry chef Antonio Bachour has developed a menu of petit-gateaux, macarons and bonbons that look like they should be presented in little jewel boxes – and yet somehow taste even better than they look. Take a peek inside the brightly lit pastry cases, and you’ll see a range of perfectly formed sweets that could have been prepared by either a mad scientist or an artistic genius. Besides these gorgeous treats, many locals visit this Coral Gables spot for a morning croissant and coffee, or for the steak sandwich at lunchtime.

CAO Bakery & Cafe

Led by Antonio Cao, a third-generation Cuban American baker, CAO Bakery & Cafe has nearly a dozen locations in Greater Miami and Miami Beach. Enjoy Cuban sandwiches, a cafecito, colada or cortadito and all the Cuban baked goods you can imagine. Craving a treat that’s more on the savory side? Try the meat-filled empanadas or croquettes. If you’re hosting a party and need a catering spread, CAO makes it easy to order Cuban favorites for a crowd.

zak the baker
Check out Zak the Baker's Kosher baked goods

Zak the Baker

Zak the Baker has been featured in just about every major food publication around, praised for his baked goods prepared with the utmost reverence for the craft. Miami native Zak Stern’s bread is on menus across Greater Miami and Miami Beach, but at his Wynwood bakery you can try a wide array of Kosher baked goods ranging from Jewish rye sourdough loaf and bagels to honey challah and chocolate babka. Classic baked goods that don’t get a lot of love these days, such as corn muffins and cheese danish, are celebrated every day by Zak and his devoted team. Keep in mind that the bakery is closed on Saturdays and on all Jewish holidays.

Chocolate Fashion

Located in Coral Gables, Chocolate Fashion is a laid-back French bakery and cafe serving a gourmet menu of breakfast and lunch favorites. Macarons, tarts, palmiers, Florentine cookies, croissants and sticky buns are just the tip of the iceberg at this lovely neighborhood bistro with sidewalk seating. If you’re looking for a special-occasion cake, or even an everyday splurge, consider Chocolate Fashion’s array of beautiful options, including Fraisier strawberry cake, chocolate truffle cake and tiramisu cake.

Madruga Bakery pastries
Find pastries made with local seasonal fruit at Madruga Bakery pastries

Madruga Bakery

Madruga Bakery bills itself as a “rustic breadshop and cafe,” but take one step inside this Coral Gables bakery located near the University of Miami and you can sense that something magical is going on. They even go so far as to mill their own flour (a process you can observe in the open kitchen space) and bake the bread in a custom stone hearth. The bakery is open for breakfast and lunch, so grab a seat in the dining room, eat al fresco under the shade of an umbrella, or pick up a coffee and a beautiful little cake, scone or cookie to go. The menu reflects the best of local seasonal fruit, but the dark chocolate rye cookie and the babka (available Fridays and Saturdays only) are favorites that are usually available year-round – that is, until they sell out.

Rosetta Bakery

With a half dozen locations scattered across Greater Miami, Rosetta Bakery is a local favorite. Rosetta honors Italy’s rich culinary history, using only the most natural and high-quality ingredients. Watch as the bakers in the open kitchen get to work, letting you enjoy the fruits of their labor – be it focaccia, pizza, a sandwich or a sweet baked good like the Nutella-filled famous bombolone or the classic millefoglie.

Versailles Pastellitos
Versailles pastelitos


Versailles Restaurant is iconic Miami. This Little Havana spot is an absolute must-stop for visitors and a favorite place for locals. The Versailles complex takes up a whole city block: You can order baked goods at your table in the restaurant, pick up from the ventanita (walk-up window) or check out the dedicated bakery space. Hey, you can even snag treats at the airport location before heading home. With so many mouthwatering options, it can be hard to choose. Start with a pastelito de guayaba y queso, a flaky pastry filled with guava and cream cheese – and a café con leche, of course.

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