10 - A Decade

10 - A Decade

Now - Dec 30, 2019
Starting: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

10-A Decade, a group exhibition bringing together five past DV artists with five new ones from September 28-December 30, 2019, in celebration of our tenth anniversary. Felice Grodin, Fabian Peña, Jamilah Sabur, Tom Scicluna, and Agustina Woodgate all represent artists who had solo/two-person projects at DV in the past. Nathalie Alfonso, Yanira Collado, GeoVanna Gonzalez, Francisco Maso, and Christina Pettersson are all artists we’ve been wanting to work with. This group is bound together by our respect for their work and the diverse themes present in their practices.

The exhibition will function as an auction to support DV’s programs, facilities, and participating artists. We hope you consider participating in the auction as 70% of the funds will support the artists and 30% will support DV. It’s been ten years since Dimensions Variable (DV) officially opened in the Miami Design District in September of 2009. Since then, many artists have come through leaving their indelible mark with inspiring projects.

We went from an unfunded upstart to a community voice for championing projects of up-and-coming and under-recognized artists with well-respected work-all while under the leadership of artists. With our tenth anniversary and our official nonprofit status, we want to continue to push the boundaries of what a cultural space is and how it can better serve its artists and community. This year, we expanded to include additional artists and an archivist to support more members of our community. We are also making sure DV will always be led by artists in support of artists.

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